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Why choose the LED fluorescent tube?

by:Inlity     2020-05-07

according to customer demand, the use of tubes in every household, every engineering series, and about the use of tubes, divided into a variety of, such as: fluorescent lamp, incandescent lamp, etc. Series of products, and why choose LED fluorescent tube? When consumers attach importance to these problems, many of the merchant's reply is that leds can achieve energy saving, no pollution, etc. Characteristics. So why the LED fluorescent tube can be done? Below small make up under the parsing for you! In about a 35 W ~ 150 W incandescent lamp, the light efficiency of the extent of the lumen is 250 lm, but if use LED as light source, lamp, the light energy can reach 25 lm/W, so a 10 ~ 12 W LED fluorescent tube can be with a 35 W ~ 150 W bulb for comparison, so in regarding to the cost of electricity if it is more energy-efficient? The same comparison, may have the merchant said, fluorescent lamps and energy saving, it can save electricity more than incandescent bulbs. Baby photoelectric say is, in the process about the composite of fluorescent lamp, choose the add fluorescent powder, demand with the aid of metallic mercury can make reach a maximum amount of light efficiency, and is a kind of mercury pollution of chemical elements, so on the production process, not recommended. And about using the LED light source, does not demand any chemicals added and so on environment and human body, will not happen any pollution factors, especially the key is that the use of other products of light conversion rate can reach eighty percent, only the LED light source and choose far higher than other similar products.

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