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Why Choose Square LED Panel Light?

Why Choose Square LED Panel Light?


LED lights are very popular among us all. LED technology has proven very successful in saving power and extending lamp life. The LED panel light is a newer and more revolutionary form of lighting technology. This technology has many advantages. Although it is quite new in the market, this form of lighting has taken the market by storm.

hanging LED panel lights instead of traditional fluorescent ceiling lights to modernize a house or office is a quick and easy way to save a lot of electricity bills. And, larger panels will distribute brighter lighting environments and reduce maintenance costs and time. 

LED panel light manufacturers usually produce LED panel lights in two shapes: square and round. Let’s see how the square LED panel light benefits us.

Advantages of Square LED Panel Light

1. Flexible in design
One of the biggest advantages of LED panel lights is the flexibility in their design. This makes it possible for users to benefit from the light distribution network. Designers can create a kitchen or workplace format that takes full journey of the effects and shapes produced by the lights.

2. Super brightness
The square LED panel light provides higher brightness than traditional fluorescent lights. The sealed design and the high-quality reflective panel of LED panel lights and can bring super high brightness. Moreover, a panel made of an aluminum frame and a lighting conductive plate can provide better brightness.

3. Less heat dissipation

LEDs are known for their ability to emit less heat. With proper heat dissipation, LED panel lights produce almost no heat. So they are perfect for houses and offices with limited space.

4. Long life span

Generally speaking, if well maintained, a square LED panel light has a life span of 80,000-100,000 hours. This means these led panel lights have the potential to last up to 27 years if they work for 7-8 hours per day.

5. Lighting Adjustment
Most of square LED panel lights are adjustable in terms of illumination intensity. These
adjustable LED panel lights give users the choice to regulate the strength of the light, so they can benefit from soft and eye-friendly light and avoid the cruel, unpleasant light at any time if needed.

6. Anti shock

These hanging LED panel lights are built to be shockproof and not easily damaged. Many lamps are made using a sturdy resin or aluminum frame. In addition, this design helps to solve high temperature problems.

7. Easy to control

User can control the square LED panel light with an external controller, which achieve many effects, such as changing the level of brightness and color temperature.

8. Eco-friendly

LED panel lights are made of environmentally friendly technology, with low energy consumption, which can ultimately save a lot of electricity. LED panel lights cause minimal pollution throughout the manufacturing process. In addition, LED panel lights do not contain mercury. The light output lumen of one LED panel is almost the same as 6 fluorescent lamps, which will reduce the indoor high voltage requirements.

The Application Range of LED Panel Lights
LED panel lights have a tendency to replace grille lights. LED panel lights are widely used in:

1. Ceilings: The hanging LED panel lights are used to replace the original grille lights.

2. Walls: The stylish LED panel lights are not only for lighting purposes, but also for an artistic embodiment.

3. Installation body: This kind of lights represents the pursuit of practical and artistic combination. They are convenient and simple to install.
4. Other places: These lights can also be used in other places, such as train cars or large mobile cars, counters, etc.

CCT Adjustable Dimming Ultra-thin LED Square Panel Light

Product Parameter

Model: PNE3

Place of Origin: Shanghai, China

Factory Price: Negotiate

Supply Ability: 3,000 pcs per month

Loading Port: Shanghai

Payment Terms: L/C, Western Union, T/T, PayPal

MOQ: 1 pc

Lead Time: 5 days for sample order (<10pcs), 10~25 days for bulk order

ODM & OEM: Available

Certification: CE, EMC, LVD, RoHS, ErP, etc

Trade terms: FOB, CNF, CIF, EXW

Technical Specification



PNX3P036, PNX3P048, PNX3P0054/PNX30036, PNX30048, PNX30054/PNX3M024, PNX3M036, PNX44024


Middle power, 4014


24W(PNX3M), 36W(PNX3M/PNX30/PNX3P)

48W(PNX30/PNX3P), 54WPNX30/PNX3P


-20 < Ta < 40ºC



Beam angel



Housing:6063 aluminum


Diffuser cover: PMMA






IP grade





Silver Grey






0-10V, Dali, RF optional








2 years

Product Description
1. Kinds of dimension and thickness options
▶ 1200*200mm

▶ 1200*300mm

▶ 1200*338mm

2. Focus on the details

▶ Fine bevel stitching

Contracted detail, also want to see high-grade and quality.

▶ The end cover is carved

Reflect delicate, robust mature temperament.

3. Quality lighting experience

▶ Go back to the essence of lamps and lanterns and create a more reasonable environment and space with lights.

▶ High quality optical structure, provide comfortable working illumination, edge no bright area, soft light, care for the eyes, reduce fatigue.

4. This dimming LED panel light 
is equipped with two different panels

Never look the same lamps and lanterns, to different lighting effects, a variety of options for you.

▶ PC diffusion plate, diffuser diffuse light, alleviate visual fatigue, power placed behind the panel.

▶ UGR < 19 crystal plate edges scheme, more show delicate appearance detail, precision light control, reduce the glare. (as optional iterm)

5. Simple form, combination change

▶ A lamp can be free combination of four directions to meet more lighting needs.

Inlity is one of the most experienced square LED panel light suppliers
 in China. We have been dedicated to the design and manufacture of LED panel lights since 2005. We strictly implement the international quality management system. Our products are certified to CCC, CE, and RoHS. If you are looking for a square LED panel light factory, we are your best choice!

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