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What LED line light waterproof technology of technology

by:Inlity     2020-05-06

LED line light waterproof technology, at present mainly in two ways, one is waterproof glue, one is waterproof structure, more circulation is waterproof glue this one. LED lamp line full waterproof glue, glue solidified cover on the lamp bead components, cut off water contact with the outside world, waterproof effect, some practice is to glue chip with lens, also a waterproof, and will not cause the chip color temperature deviation. And waterproof structure, LED lamp line manufacturer is strict, the thickness of the material of the lamp body, structure, require high, from structural design to ensure water will not enter inside the lamp body, so that you can avoid the bad influence of glue on the lamp bead and components, but once the line light external structure is damaged, it is easy to damage, so others will be integrated with both ways. Which LED to the light, not thermal radiation, the color of the light it may not fall in the line of blackbody radiation, we can only find this line near the point, there is its correlated color temperature. Maybe a lot of people will be confused for a moment and color temperature green red for a while, that how to solve? This will please welcome our today's leading role: color tolerance, debut. Characterization of light color electric test system software to calculate the X, Y value with the difference between standard light source, the smaller the value, the higher the accuracy, the color of the light, the more pure. Electrical products once into the water, it is possible to produce a short circuit, leakage and rust, rot, damaged media, interfering signal, and many other problems. So, waterproof generally refers to prevent electrical outside the moisture or water vapor intrusion, osmosis, into the electronics inside. Sealing and waterproofing products two concepts are interlinked, actually it is side key differs only just. Waterproof stress is 'don't come in,' invasion of the outside water or steam medium, osmosis, inflows. LED lamp line generally chooses lamp bead, single voltage in 1. 8 - About 3 v, general electric current can control in ma - 18 20 ma, for different number of mild color chips, each a different voltage LED lamps and lanterns, end still need by the designed to engineer or technician to check.

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