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What kind of line lamp design style can attract you?

by:Inlity     2020-04-27

what kind of line lamp design style can attract you?

a, European style corridor line lamp design classic European style, crystalline light and smooth the metope of the line design, the lamps and lanterns of ivory metope and pale yellow and the ground each other harmonious collocation, condole top face also USES sophisticated European condole top technology, in order not to let the condole top of complex process too multifarious, grooves around the parts of the ceiling use lines of light, the line of white light let the environment around the ceiling more bright, but also reduces the complex condole to give us a heavy feeling, elegant white light source, make the bedroom environment more comfortable, more luxurious atmosphere. Second, the European contracted corridor line lamp lighting design in order to let corridor area is more plentiful, takes the form of linear light and tube light, install lamps and lanterns, line light color choose warm warm yellow, for indoor corridor increase sweet and comfortable atmosphere. General line lights are installed in grooves inside condole top, because the installation will not affect the indoor light design, also on the indoor environment has the very good adornment effect. The light green corridor lines, no stroboscopic, bring us the most comfortable feeling. Three corridor line lamp design, modern style, because line lamp can be used in many places, especially some elegance, atmospheric sites often use line lamp. The rendering of the line lamp and ceiling design of mutual collocation, because a lot of lines are not exposed to the external light, line lamp without protection measures are revealed in the external, this line lamp not only brings is not a good decorative effect, can also affect the overall design aesthetic feeling. White light source selection can better apply to corridor environment, add light for rectangular hallway, ensure the safety of people's travel. Four, corridor line lamp design Chinese style style of Chinese style villa entrance corridor design simple atmosphere, along the wall locker design reflects Chinese simple beauty. Did not choose the droplight with large complex condole carries on the design, but use the white line of simple and practical light to increase the intensity of illumination of corridor. Line is the design of the lamp will not as too complicated droplight, give a person a kind of oppressive feeling, instead, at the same time of meet the requirements of lighting, also for the bedroom space brings the sense of a contracted and the atmosphere. This corridor line light effect, line light is complete the canister light light, make the light on every corner of the aisle.

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