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What is the distinguishing feature of linear lighting and benefits

by:Inlity     2020-04-24

now, linear lighting has entered ordinary families, from the classroom to the warehouse, almost ubiquitous. Why, then, linear lamps and lanterns is so popular, linear lamps and lanterns again in the future in where? Next, let's look at the linear lighting in the past, present, and future.

if there is no linear lamps and lanterns, to illuminate the long space particularly difficult. Before this, people use big industrial incandescent bulbs, for home to industrial environment, such as warehouses and factories, and even retail stores. Later, appear a series of lumen package and color temperature, but the basic skills remain the same. The original linear light have, in fact, most of the relegation to the garage, laundry and other practical space. For example, in terms of retail, the lamps and lanterns of everyone to pursue more beautiful and better light. Mixed office with direct and indirect illumination, so as to realize a more uniform distribution. Color temperature has important effect to the psychological, this should not be ignored. For example, a dime store might use 4 k of lighting to encourage customers to buy the product and then pay quickly, and the other a store might use 3 k lighting to provide a more pleasant experience. Linear lighting market today is still very big, is not going to disappear soon. Now is the difference between the linear building lighting and LED technology has expanded the application range of linear lamps and lanterns. With the appearance and performance improvements, this industry will be developed continuously. The old traditional shell are abandoned, the use of new materials, and use more advanced technology, linear lighting is more compact, more efficient.

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