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What is the common knowledge of article LED hard light

by:Inlity     2020-05-22

article led hard light price is made PCB assembly, PCB board with SMD leds or assemble into the led lamp belt, depending on the need different using different components. Article lamp with SMD leds have 18, 24 leds, 30 LED LED, 36 leds, 40, measuring LED a variety of specifications such as well; With upright leds have 18, 24, 36, 48 different specifications, such as, there are also positive side, the side glowing article also known as the Great Wall lamp. Article led hard light easily fixed, fabrication and installation are convenient, but not casually bend, not suitable for irregular places. Article led hard light is now widely used in furniture, car, advertising, lighting, ship and home decoration and other industries. 1, household dark slot edge such as door frames, bar, wine cabinet, wardrobe, TV cabinet, etc. 2, car beauty, such as car body, car. 3, city outline lighting including building wall, signs, advertising, landscape, such as Christmas decoration. 4, irregular design adornment such as hotel, night club, KTV and other places of polygonal walls, water droplets and smallpox groove design don't have a filament light easy to burn and fast thermal deposition, droop pernicious. Watts) Electric power conversion is close to 00%, the epoxy resin encapsulation, 0 3 watt - A luminous lumens per watt agile growth, similar lighting effect than the traditional light source, energy saving more than 80%. Its additive year by year depreciation. Which will receive vast amounts of lighting in the family. Article led hard light the lamps and lanterns of high energy saving, long life, the universally acknowledged the ingenious and comply with environmental protection. Article led hard light price high energy saving: dc article hard drive led lamp light source into long life, energy saving province electricity, application of complex inconvenience, coaxing line low, article led hard light source technology matures, ultra-low power consumption ( Single pipe 0. Solid cold light source, light body don't have loose parts and led hard light a long life: article led hard light source is called longevity lamp. More than 10 times longer than traditional light life. Article led hard light life: coax life can reach 50000 to 00000 hours, the quantity of heat low and no stroboscopic, no radiation, environmental benefits.

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