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What brand of LED ceiling lamp to use?

by:Inlity     2020-04-27
LED lighting lamps and lanterns is widely used at present, widely used in household lighting, LED ceiling lamp, what brand of LED ceiling lamp is best? LED ceiling lamp brand so much, how to choose more high quality LED ceiling products? First of all, we can look at the LED ceiling lamp shell, usually aluminum frame is better than the plastic shell. Although the price is expensive, but the appearance and the cooling effect is much better.

second, look at the standard drive power supply ( Also known as the transformer) , the power supply quality directly decides the service life of the LED lighting lamps and lanterns, drive power supply used in electronic components and structural scheme determines the efficiency and stability.

third, view the chips, LED ceiling lamp use chip is the core component of LED lighting lamps and lanterns, its quality directly affects the glowing effect and service life of LED lighting lamps and lanterns. Light bead chip is the United States, Taiwan chip, domestic chip etc. Different brand, price difference is bigger, lighting effect difference is too big. Can buy before consulting businesses are using the LED chip. The unusually cheap LED ceiling lamp, those prices are inferior chip, the color temperature of lamps and lanterns, low brightness, life is short, don't buy.

4, watch the luminance and the color of the LED lighting lamps and lanterns. High quality LED ceiling its light color and brightness are very stable. Monitoring of LED lamps and lanterns light color way is as follows: after the lamp cup light up, putting a piece of blank paper block in the position of the distance of 5 cm lamp cup head ( As a result of lens refraction paper don't cling to lamp cup) Good quality LED lamp cup, light color consistency is better, and inferior LED lights cup just easy to produce light color different color area. This method by the naked eye can see. Conditional friends can have a try. Fifth, the LED lamps and lanterns manufacturer can provide the product certification certificate and test report, a qualified product is sure to pass the relevant certification. If nothing, then certainly is a small factory production, quality and after-sales not guaranteed. So, seen after the above 5 points, do you know what brand of LED ceiling lamp is best? Star photoelectric small make up to believe that everyone can buy the most suitable LED ceiling lamp. Star photoelectric is a shenzhen professional design and production of LED lighting lamps and lanterns manufacturers, products include, LED wash wall lamp, LED hard light bar, LED point light source, LED ceiling lamp, LED downlight etc. Various kinds of indoor and outdoor LED lighting lamps and lanterns.
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