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What are the main article led hard light price advantage

by:Inlity     2020-04-30

article LED hard light is made assembled circuit boards, PCB board and lamp bead useful plug-ins and patches, but the current use more strips, depending on the demand for different choose different lights. Article LED hard light strengths is contrast is simple, convenient processing and device are compared, v-shaped aluminum slot base of cooperation, with high brightness, adjustable luminous viewpoint, length can be customized according to the actual application requirements, etc. Advantage, defect is not at liberty to twists and turns, inappropriate local irregularities. Led hard light article is based on the lighting and decoration purpose to develop a series of products. It is through the precision CNC lathe manufactured exquisite aluminum oxide lamps and lanterns, white light is an ideal new use of household, commercial lighting light source, has certain instead of the traditional functions; The color system is the ideal of indoor and outdoor corridor LED decorative light. Article led hard light price basically has the following advantages: 1, article led hard light energy conservation: white led power consumption is only 1/10 of incandescent lamp, energy-saving lamp of a quarter. 2, article led hard light service life of up to 100000 hours for the average household lighting is 'once and for all'. Article 3, led hard light can work at high speed. Energy-saving lamps if frequent start or shut off the filament broken will be dark soon. Article 4, led hard light is solid encapsulation, belongs to the cold light source type. So it is very easy to transport and install, can be in any tiny and closed equipment, not afraid of vibration, basically don't have to consider heat dissipation. 5, LED technology is in progress with each passing day, its luminous efficiency is astonishing breakthrough, the price has been reduced. A white LED into the family is rapidly coming of age. 6, article led hard light environmental protection, no mercury harmful substances. LED bulbs assemblies can be very easy to tear open outfit, no manufacturers recycling can be recycled through other people. Article 1, the essential material: LED hard light, DC12V driving power, more strands of soft wire of copper core 0. 75 mm ^ 2, glass glue; 2, dc power supply wiring and installation: L socket after the power switch socket 'fire' ( Use pencil test with electric line) N direct connect 'zero line' ( Pencil test without electricity line) Article lamp red + V, - Article V pick light red black or black line, if the lamp is not bright, not bad; 3, considering the connection wire also consumes power, article advice LED hard light power is not more than 80% of the rated power, dc power supply lamp bead counter 72 is 17. 2W/M; Article 4 hard, LED lamp products dc power wiring method: there are two main types, one is in series, parallel, the other is a recommended series should not be more than 3 meters in length, if more than 3 meters, please from terminal to terminal, dc power supply or will appear in front of the not enough bright light behind; 5, please try to power supply before installation and every article lamp, make sure no damage, computing power, to determine how many meters connect a power supply, sure go line, conductor is the shortest, the simplest wiring, then start the installation aluminum groove to counter the inside of the can, be careful in the installation, avoid snap lamp wires.

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