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What are the indoor linear light layout installation way

by:Inlity     2020-04-26

led linear light is a kind of decorative lighting lamps and lanterns, local or outline is mainly used for indoor or outdoor lighting. Because thought OTT linear light is mainly aimed at the room to do more. Here introduces indoor under linear light should be the problem of how to install. Indoor linear lamp installation method about three: lined up method, modelling method and chaotic method. Different installation methods have their own characteristics and advantages. 1, neat layout method of the linear light is often used for office lighting. Office needs to maintain a formal, serious, solemn atmosphere, so the office area to install the linear light can take lined up method, can give a person a kind of feeling of concise air, make visitors entered the office space to the enterprise to produce a good impression. Linear light can be lined up to installed in the middle of the space at the top of the position, or in accordance with the space walk line layout, pay attention to try to make the space around the light, brightness even, creating comfortable and healthy office lighting environment. 2, modelling layout modelling method is according to the requirement of owner, consciously in the installation of the linear light ( Modelling lamp) Create different modelling to reveal different space of personality. Synthesize linear chy-tech multiple quadrilateral, for example, installed at the top, add a space sense of science and technology, and decorate a style restoring ancient ways contrast collision sparks, creative. 3, mixed and disorderly layout method in the rest area space, optional configuration to install unstructured linear light above, complete the effect is not actually feels unwell, but let a person feel unique sweet, from a distance of lamps and lanterns is a bird's nest, see things much more structured work, rest time to take a look at this and disorderly arrangement of lamps and lanterns for the eyes is also a kind of rest and relaxation. Can be seen from the above content, linear light installation is really a lot, but above all the way to choose the right line of the installation of lamps and lanterns.
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