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What are the classification droplight

by:Inlity     2020-05-25
Crystal droplight

crystal lamp there are several types: natural crystal -cutting modelling droplight, heavy lead low lead crystal crystal droplight of blow molding, blow molding chandelier crystal intermediate shape chandelier, crystal pendant, crystal droplight die cutting modelling droplight, crystal droplight bar, etc.

crystalline light on the market are mostly made from imitated crystal, but used by imitated crystal material is qualitative different, good quality of crystal lamp is made of high-tech materials, and some shoddy crystalline light even with plastic as imitated crystal material, smooth shadow effect nature is very poor. So, must be carefully when buy, carefully identify. Crystal is usually used K5, K9 this two kinds.

appearance of classical Chinese style style droplight droplight, bright, suit to install in the foyer area. Bright light in the place that take the door, give a person with enthusiasm the joyful atmosphere, and Chinese style design and will tell those who make public blundering guest, this is a traditional family. Note: the specification of lamps and lanterns, the style should be matched with the sitting room. In addition, if you want to highlight the screen and decorations, you need to add to shoot the light.

most fashionable droplight people maybe don't want to decorate European classical style, modern style droplight is often more welcome. Modern style droplight is numerous, on the market for choose leeway very big, all kinds of lines are optional.

consumer had better choose to install the droplight with energy-saving lamps light source, do not choose to have plating droplight, because the plating time easy to rub off. Choose the material such as metal and glass inside and outside the consistent droplight.

on the market, the droplight of around 200 yuan to have certain quality assurance.

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