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What Are Advantages of LED Pendant Light?

What Are Advantages of LED Pendant Light?


LED pendants and mini pendants are the ultimate lighting accessories for the 21st century. The LED pendant light is versatile, energy efficient and requires little maintenance.

Interior designers and consumers are turning to LED pendant lighting fixtures in almost any type of home or office. House builders often add a ceiling fixture in the middle of a room. Modern LED pendant lights can help break this monotonous style, and one of the best things about this light is that it doesn’t leave a "footprint" or take up valuable desktop space. This makes them ideal for washing dishes in kitchen sinks or bathroom cabinets with small horizontal spaces.

Additionally, there is no need to worry about the lighting. Made using LEDs, LED pendant lights can provide the light required for any task. Pendants can also provide greater illumination because it is usually downward light that illuminates a larger area.


LED pendant lighting fixtures are most commonly considered to be task lighting. It provides decent-sized lights for eating, working at a desk or playing billiards. Another important feature is the use of pendant lights to raise high ceilings. Because the luminaires are usually suspended by wires, the pendant light can be hung in a huge 20-foot-tall hallway, which not only makes light easier to enter, but also brings the light to where the guests are. Typically, pendant lights are hung 32 to 40-inches over a work surface.

People usually like LED pendant lighting because it’s as soft as a decorative spotlight, but less glare. With stained glass shadows, it can reflect brilliance on both objects and people. The variety of pendant sizes (from wine glass-sized lights to huge vertical shadows) means people can sculpt the area above just like carving art. In addition, LED pendant lighting fixtures can help divide the space in large rooms by creating multiple task areas. For example, a large room can have pendants on the dining table, bar area, and desk or computer corner. Pendant lights are usually coordinated in groups.

Therefore, from luminaires that look as cool as an extraordinary satellite, to vintage Tiffany shadows with butterflies, Murano glass, or even old-world-style lanterns, LED pendant lights can make updated statements in almost any decoration. And there is an optional track lighting system for pendants to help accommodate more space. The custom look provided by the pendants is also available at a reasonable price. In most cases, they cost no more than traditional lamps.

The Application Range of LED Pendent Light

Our LED pendant light is specially designed for the modern office. It can also be used in homes, hotels, restaurants, bars, retail stores, etc. We have made radical structural savings by using the innovative LED technology and central injection of light into LGP. While light the panel linear pendant lighting, the almost magical metamorphosis of the transparent optics into a light-emitting surface has happened, which bathes the room in light of unexpected. Soft glare-free light creates a pleasant atmosphere, especially for communication and concentrated screen-based work. Soft and dynamic light create a unique experience.


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Narrow bezel LED pendant light

Product Parameter


Model: PNX3

Place of Origin: Shanghai, China.

Factory Price: Negotiate

Supply Ability: 3,000 Pcs per Month

Loarding Port: Shanghai

Payment Terms: L/C, Western Union, T/T, PayPal.

MOQ: 1 pcs.

Lead Time: 5 days for sample order (<10pcs), 10~25 days for bulk order.

ODM & OEM: Available

Certification: CE, EMC, LVD, RoHS, ErP,etc.

Trade terms: FOB, CNF, CIF, EXW

Product Feature

1. Appearance

Appearance of natural material accessories to make lamps closer to nature. When used indoors, dignified lines and shapes for indoor office space to add a calm atmosphere.

2. Optical

The first double-layer anti-glare structure is used in optics to make transverse UGR<19. Optical performance is even better. The reservation of the upper and lower light mode makes the application more convenient. The structure electrical cavity is capacible enough to accommodate a variety of size drives, thus meeting different dimming signal needs. The four-core optional male and female plug makes up and down the control simple and feasible.


3. Custom

The rich selection of materials for custom accessories gives designers more choices in personality. External accessories do not affect the normal processing of the lamp, making customization more convenient.

4. Installation

The built-in power supply is easy to install and maintain, and the external structure is simple, which makes the installation easier. Long-life design and maintenance-free feature, greatly reduces maintenance costs

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