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What about Inlity Lighting production equipment?
Since our inception, Shanghai Inlity Lighting Electronics Co., Ltd. has been progressively invested in advanced equipment. In the process of seeking for development and growth in the global market, we update the machines on a regular basis to satisfy the growing needs of customers. By utilizing the advanced equipment, we have obtained high production efficiency, which means that we can produce a large number of products at one time without sacrificing the product quality. We also have a reduced cost of labor as the machines are of high automation and require less manpower.

With years of development, Shanghai Inlity Lighting Electronics Co., ltd. has become the mainstay of China’s led panel light fixture industry, delivering a steady stream of led panel light supplier achievements. Inlity Lighting's led panel light fixture is various in types and styles to meet the different needs of customers. Inlity light for wall goes through workmanship assessments. It will be assessed in terms of stitching strength, seam strength, color shading, fabric construction, and colorfastness. With over 35,000 hours of life expectancy, it is very durable. The product is of high quality and has passed international certification. The product is known for its high efficiency (95%) constant current driver.

Our company will work hard to fulfill our commitment to responsibly managing its effects made on society, economy, and environment. We will run business in line with public expectations. Check now!
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