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Tips To Avoid Having Shadows In Your Bathroom

by:Inlity     2020-04-07
There are many reasons why you'd want to avoid having shadows in your bathroom. You might be planning your bathroom lighting or you might be remodeling your home, including the bathroom. Since you are working on the room illumination, an important aspect of it is avoiding shadows. For one, shadows are ugly and totally destroy the look of a room. Not only that but by seeing fully what you're doing in the bathroom you can avoid small accidents such as shaving cuts or putting your make-up the wrong way in the morning. The bathroom is a popular room at home so right task lighting is essential in there. For example we are all using the vanity for shaving, applying make-up, brushing the teeth, and so on. The bathroom vanity is an area at home that needs exceptional lighting. Background illumination is not nearly enough for it. Many people have cut their faces during shaving and many women have applied the wrong color of make-up simply because they've mistaken one color hue for another. Also there are some more serious accidents that you want to avoid. Bathrooms are usually slippery rooms, so by seeing the floor without shadows, you can easily spot any wet patches so you don't slip and fall. One of the popular light fixtures for the bathroom used nowadays is recessed lighting. These light fixtures are great however they tend to cast various shadows that are inconvenient in the room. You need to add proper ambient lighting to avoid glare and squinting your eyes. Recessed lighting can achieve this, however for focused illumination around the vanity area you need something else. Task lighting is crucial in all those tasks I've mentioned above and one of the best lighting types used for it are the various wall sconce lights. Adding two wall sconces at the each end of the vanity mirror is a great way to make those shadows vanish right away, especially when the general recessed lighting is also switched on.
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