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this official playstation wall light is really cool (and really expensive)

by:Inlity     2020-03-23
Recently, I had the opportunity to visit some of the official PlayStation series of PBteen, namely, Icon wall lights and premium bean bags.
In terms of the comments, these individual items seem to be the easiest to manage compared to other furniture provided on the production line, which includes a fairly large game media console and a very smooth lounge
So, is the added value of these luxurious playrooms worth mentioning?
In general, I would say yes, though it really comes down to personal preferences.
If you really decide to take a risk, you will pay a fairly high premium for this fancy video game decoration.
After a few weeks, I can say that the wall light is definitely my favorite.
But is it worth $200? Eh, perhaps.
First of all, this thing is real-
When it comes to basic design, with a minimalist aesthetic, all four PlayStation shapes are shown in bright white lighting.
These shapes are basically cut-outs that glow through a backlit led strip on a black background, and I have to say that this is an amazing effect, especially in a dark room.
I \'ve always loved the lights and this won\'t disappoint you, especially if you\'re a super PlayStation fan.
I would really like to have a second lighting option to show the PS shape in their controller --
Specific colors (
Green, red, blue, powder)
But no such luck.
With such a huge price aside, the icon wall light is definitely a great visual addition to any PlayStation game space.
That said, the steep price seems a bit high for what you actually get.
The whole fixture is acrylic and by the way, it has a convenient on/off switch directly on the translucent wire, too short.
If you are trying to plug it directly into the socket on the wall, you will need to install the logo (
Screws and Brackets Included)
The power supply is right up.
That is, unless you are going to use something for sale
Separate extension cord.
It doesn\'t seem like a big deal, but it\'s serious in the long run because it severely limits the location of the decor.
A few more feet will go far.
Then the bean bag, it is very strong and supportive.
It should be up to $250, though to be honest.
However, it should be noted that it is definitely designed for children, with a fairly small form factor that is not entirely ideal for larger people.
There is nothing to say about this except that it is very comfortable, it is made of high quality material and can be decompressed, when the bag starts to lose shape, you can probably add more padding below.
Great for game space, or as I recently found out, play with those Arcade1up mini arcade cabinets without a riser.
To be honest, it\'s hard to fully recommend these items considering their rather strange prices, but if you have excess cash, you won\'t go wrong either.
If you only need to choose one, I would say that the wall light is a road.
Unfortunately, both of these items are currently sold out on the PBteen website, but hopefully more will be available soon.
Disclosure: PBteen provides a review product for coverage purposes.
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