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The purpose of the LED lamp line and distinguish the method of anxiety

by:Inlity     2020-04-29

LED line lamp or LED wash wall lamp series aluminum lamp body, is a high-end flexible decorative light, compact and lightweight end cover and mounting bracket by high pressure die casting aluminum alloy, high temperature resistant silicon rubber sealing ring to ensure the reliability of the waterproof, characterized by low power consumption, long life, high brightness, flexible, free maintenance, etc. Lamps and lanterns can be combined single or multiple installation. Suitable for all kinds of buildings, indoor and outdoor local lighting or contour. According to the different demand the product with 12 v, 15 v, such as regular length is 100 cm, can also be customized 30 cm, 60 cm lamp. Lines can also be customized according to customer's requirements of different specifications of the lamp.

materials and features: lamps shell adopts aluminium alloy control, lines is distinct, simple structure, beautiful shape, solid, corrosion resistance, easy installation. Lamps and lanterns surface electrostatic pensu processing, high temperature resistant, weather resistant performance is good. Reflector imported anodized aluminum plate to ensure that the light energy of the temperature of the environment of high output specification recommended: - 20℃- 60 ℃ waterproof level: IP65 by which can realize static display flashing RGB color change: bright, and the LED lamp line style full of beautiful things in eyes of dark now, a lot of line is the line of lamp manufacturers to promote their business, lamps are of good quality, low cost, long service life and so on, what we want to how to distinguish the stand or fall of line lamp? From what time to analysis? Lines for this problem, such as lang bright lighting manufacturer to collect a large amount of information to to you, the stand or fall of light from the basis of swot analysis lines: first, to see some glue line lamp because the glue material is in 1 year of severe yellowing phenomenon, there are a lot of poor glue in the name of the PU glue on sales, waterproof properties is poor, easy yellowed dimmed, its price with waterproof PU glue close double difference. Second, the aluminum thin aluminum is very easy to distort, choose in line light aluminum, the formal manufacturers will first consider the heat dissipation performance is good, rather than blindly pursue the thickness of the aluminum, aluminum if you want to do it is not easy to deformation, good heat dissipation, must choose moderate thickness, cannot say blindly want the thicker the aluminum, the better. Also some people thought that the thinner aluminum, heat dissipation, the better. Big mistake! The thinner aluminum radiator is bad, when installation easy extrusion deformation, so jerry no good! Another is a question of price, if you want a cost-effective, manufacturers have fairly good materials must control. Third, look at the selection of circuit board aluminum plate will be better than glass fiber board? Really good quality line lamp, mostly chose aluminum plate as a source of circuit board. Don't glass fiber board has been labeled as bad? This is not yes, I also think the product is high quality product of glass fiber board, then after the technician explanation, also know that glass fiber board has good or bad, you can even better than the quality of the aluminum plate, as long as the steady, aluminum plate and glass fiber board, they are all good circuit board. Fourth, the waterproof plug the LED market is really big, every year, customer consulting a: 'do you have any new price this year, there are some manufacturers are under the pressure, will cut a little on material, but there are some manufacturers to lower profits to maintain existing customers, waterproof plugging are cheap, but relatively conductive is bad, and poor waterproof performance, easy to cause the water leakage, square head basically four core plug is also very good though its price is higher, but overall stability can reach 99% waterproof, that 1% is likely to be not tight.

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