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The LED lamp factory lines: rope lighting should pay attention to matters

by:Inlity     2020-05-03

LED rope lighting should pay attention to what matters, including what respect? Maybe it is not clear, it also is more complex, designs city-lighting includes various aspects, to introduce rope lighting for everybody to notice

, to protect the environment will be subject to the green LED rope light to China and not luxury, to people-oriented, with green lighting is given priority to, use as far as possible through the standard certification of energy-saving equipment, energy-saving lamps and limit unnecessary purely decorative lighting, avoid useless designs city-lighting project lighting project. For holiday lighting to be moderate, the surroundings will be subject to economy, low carbon, practical, had better not use high glare, lighting equipment, high-energy should to green light environment to build the rope lighting of the city. Second, to flood lighting to cater to people the feeling of the building lighting, square lighting, water landscape lighting, landscape lighting, sculpture mountain lighting to involved themselves in considering the visual, the lights of the physiological and psychological experience, do not think that the more light, more bright, the more and dazzing, is the atmosphere, is a high-end. Urban lighting lighting project, give a person with comfortable, relaxed, comfortable photosensitive, more can reflect the city's cultural and artistic connotation and inside information. Three, should be controlled properly the application of light and color LED rope lighting environment is changing, like the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter, so stylist in lighting designs city-lighting project design to lighting design should fully consider season, the change of time, weather, etc, on the light and color coordination, the reasonable use of warm light, cold light, to foil the characteristics and importance of the city. Therefore do let a person look comfortable and does not lose the magnificent and bright but not dazzling, highlight the personality and characteristics. Let designs city-lighting and its scenery together, produce better effects.
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