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The introduction of clearance light kit

by:Inlity     2020-05-05

which adjust the duty cycle of LED lamp conduction, under the condition of the scanning speed quickly, using the human visual inertia gradient effect. A tube through the internal control chip, can block change out of seven different color, and the gradient, flicker, scanning, chasing, flowing water all sorts of effects, such as to determine the length of the tube length according to the actual effect, the length of the conventional was one metre. Resistance to ultraviolet radiation, have waterproof effect.

can be put in PCB circuit boards in red, green and blue order arranged in a straight line, with dedicated drive chip control, constitute a boundless change color and graphics. Shell made of flame retardant PC plastic high strength, impact resistance, anti-aging, uv protection, dust-proof, moisture-proof, protection grade reaches IP65. Clearance light suite with low consumption, low heat, impact resistance, long life and other advantages, cooperate with the controller, water can be realized, gradient, jump, chasing effect, etc. If used in the large area of engineering, synchronous controller connected to computers, also can display design, animation, video equivalent full color LED digital tube can form a simulation LED display screen can provide all kinds of full color effect and dynamic display image characters, can be used offline control or computer connection implement synchronous control; Can display a wide variety of full-color dynamic effect. Clearance light suite control system adopts special digital tube light programming software to edit control pattern change is convenient, you only need to edit the generated pattern format files can be copied into the CF card, digital tube controller can control alone, also can be more than one online control, digital pipe installation layout arbitrary, suitable for all kinds of complicated engineering demand. Digital tube, controller and power supply in a standard male female plug connection, convenient and quick, and has a unique design, new outdoor waterproof structure.

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