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The installation of the LED fluorescent tube order

by:Inlity     2020-05-04

how fluorescent lamp work? In the fluorescent circuit, the electric current from the left side of the plug pins start, through the rectifier, a filament lamp, closure of the starter switch and the other filament in the bulb, finally from the right side of the plug pins. Current will be heating tubes on both ends of the two small components, then turn to the starter motor dredge flow through fluorescent lamp.

is a magnetic coil, rectifier current through the lamp used to adjust. Turn the starter will make a surge after arc tubes, then after the lamp light, will adhere to the starter current flow at the rate of accurate. In most fluorescent lamp is a automatic switch, the starter when it detects lamp glow, it will always in the off state, simply disconnect power of lamps and lanterns, will close the starter. A lot of fluorescent lamp includes many tubes, to provide better lighting. The fluorescent lamp required for each tube equipped with alone the starter and rectifier. There may be two lamps light tube Shared a rectifier, but actually could be two built-in rectifier in a box. The lamps and lanterns of same, including four light tube is equipped with four and four rectifier, the starter in certain types of lamps and lanterns, is built in the starter can't follow change alone.

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