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The installation of led hard light article preparation

by:Inlity     2020-05-10

led hard light article can be divided into flexible article led hard light and led hard light two kinds, the difference is that led hard light article made assembly PCB circuit boards, not casually bend; Flexible led hard light article USES the quality of a material is more soft FPC do PCB assembly, soft article led hard light encased in a transparent plastic, can be bent. Article led hard light better linearity, fixed relatively convenient, install more worry. Suitable for use in more capacious space, can show good consistency of light. Article led hard light use voltage can be divided into two kinds, one kind is a common voltage is driving voltage. Universal voltage to high voltage, the driving voltage is 24 v, high safety and reliability. So we in the article led hard light to install a lot of people are not quite understand, suffer from cannot find some installation methods, in order to solve this part of the people's confusion, article led hard light manufacturer will concrete article introduce some basic led hard light installation common sense. Installation: 1, please try the power supply, and each article led hard light, sure not damaged in transit; 2, computing power, to determine how many meters led hard light to link a power supply. Method: led hard light of power per meter length of article X led hard light present 0. 8, the calculation method of series and parallel; 3, determine the line plan, ensure that the connection wire short, wiring simple; 4, start the installation, aluminum groove glued to counter the inside of the can. The installation process need to be careful, avoid led hard light wires pulled apart or cause drag mark. Article led hard light manufacturer of led hard light application field widely, the first to know about the article led hard light. Led hard light bar is made PCB assembly, PCB board to patch or assemble into the lamp tape, depending on the need different using different components. Article led hard light easily fixed, fabrication and installation are convenient, but not casually bend, not suitable for irregular parts

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