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The installation method of this article lamp installation method

by:Inlity     2020-05-19

article LED hard light installation price, is a kind of very popular modern home decoration lighting, but about hard article lamp installation, a lot of people don't understand, so small make up a little science for everyone today about the installation method of hard article lamp installation method. - hard article lamp installation Hard article lamp installation method 1, four wire LED hard light article about 22 mm wide, about 8 mm thick, weighs about 0. 25公斤/ m。 Article 2, 4 line LED hard light four wire, three rows of light, each row 1 meter 24 lamp, 24 * 3 = 72. Because of the power of each lamp bead is 0. 05, 72 article bead LED hard light power is: 72 * 0. 05 = 3. 6 watts. 3, per meter has 'scissors' tag, see marking location, only in the tag cut, cut cut wrong or partial would lead to a meter is not bright. Article 4, each LED hard light must match a special plug ( With transformer) ; Remove the clear plastic cover plate connection, lamp cover again after meet good try. If the connection directly with cover, easy to cause short circuit. Article 5, LED hard light when installation, general place straight into the lamp chamfer, can also be fixed with a cord or fine wire. If it is vertical or dressing, need clip and end plug. Original clip is completely transparent, had better be installed in the tail plug and plug on the waterproof glass glue, waterproof. Home and bought two sets of three color leds, replacing old dome light bulb in the home of the light bulb, two sets of lights and the power of the old lamp, every switch is a color, is this why? How to solve? Steps: 1. For a long time without electricity, let the charge on the capacitor to miss. It may be a long time, may be a few hours or even days. 2. Open the controller, to find the big capacitance, with a few European resistance capacitance of electric put off, as long as you can put away for a few seconds time. To turn on the juice. 3. Attention to all three controller after connected again, turning on the power supply or possibly out of sync.

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