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the ideal height of hanging pendant lights in kitchen

by:Inlity     2020-03-19
There are plenty of lighting options to add attractive direct lighting such as hanging chandeliers to the kitchen work area.
These lights are a great lighting solution for the kitchen with high ceilings.
If you use a hanging chandelier in your kitchen lighting, you must hang it at the ideal height.
When hanging lights on the top of the counter or the island side of the kitchen, you need to consider some factors.
It depends largely on whether your kitchen island is a practical work area or has seating.
Practical Island
The bright kitchen space is very beneficial, especially when cooking, a lot of cutting dishes are needed.
If your kitchen is a practical work space, the ideal hanging space for the chandelier is about 30 inch away from the countertop.
The kitchen table is generally 3 feet high.
Also, if you place the pendant light 30 inch from the top surface, the part of the pendant will hang at 5 feet 6 inch.
On a spacious kitchen island, you can walk through the counter without turning off the lights.
Also, if one of your family members is higher, you can adjust the height of the hanging chandelier accordingly.
For example, if you have 6 feet high family members who need to work in the kitchen, you can move the chandelier to about 36 inch so that she or he can walk freely without touching the lights.
The island with seating has another ideal standard for hanging light pendants.
This is to prevent people sitting around the island from seeing the lights directly in sight.
The ideal hanging standard is about 36 to 40 inch high from the island\'s countertop.
For 36 inch, the light will be issued at 6 feet.
For 40 inch, the lights will hang around 6 feet 3 inch.
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