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The Hanging Oil Lamp - An Ageless Product of the Past

by:Inlity     2020-05-31
Today water stored in massive concrete dams is used in many countries to generate electricity so people can have the luxury of simply turning a switch on to provide light from a bulb fitted inside a modern light fitting. It is therefore difficult to imagine living in an age where the light from a candle, burning torch or hanging oil lamp were the main means available for people to see during the hours of darkness. The popular hanging oil lamp fueled by either processed animal, vegetable fat or whale oil projected much more light than the common candle and over time became the main source of light for many families. As populations increased in developing countries, the demand for the prized oil produced by whales increased. This gave rise to a thriving and profitable whale hunting industry which continued until the beginning of the industrial revolution when kerosene began to be widely used by consumers. As technology advanced and electricity was gradually introduced into society the hanging oil lamp virtually disappeared from homes. These days the oil lamp has become a collectors item, especially the more elegant lamps made from silver, bronze or pewter. They are therefore becoming more difficult to find unless you see one in a museum. They are also now often used as props in movies set in the pioneer days or for example in Wild West theme type restaurants alongside other items from that period. Should you are keen on buying a hanging lamp it is advisable to hang it somewhere safe as they can be extremely hazardous if knocked over. These lamps have an open flame with highly inflammable fuel making a dangerous combination if left inside the home where it could be accidentally knocked. Lastly, imagine the flickering light from a hanging oil lamp glowing inside your rustic country home with its varnished wood floors and classic furniture and marvel at how this unique lamp lit the homes at night of history's most famous figures in days gone by.
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