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The Culture Center, Yantai

The Culture Center, Yantai


Lighting design completed: June,2015 / lighting construction completed: Jan 2016

Chief designer: Daobo Zhang

Design team: Caiken Zhang, Xuelin Han, Huanbing Yang, Jinshan Lu.

Company: Shanghai Inlity lighting Electronics co., Ltd.


Related products: FL series, BT series, CL series, DL series, etc.

Elapsed time: Sep.,2016                Customer country: Chinese mainland

Customer type: End user                Total cost: USD$0.88 Million

After finishing series of lighting projects, more and more companies and units become popular with Inlity Lighting,we have to face more challenges and finally get all through.Under this background ,SQ Company whom won the bidding of Yanjian Group come to us.


1. Indoor Space




2. Crystal Ceiling Lights at First Floor

On the ceiling of the north hall of the grand theatre, a group of glass rods of different lengths seems like a rolling wheat field.


3. The Interlayer and the Lounge



4.The Wave-shape Ceiling Light in the Entrance Hall of the Grand Theatre

The entrance hall on the second floor is of L shape, so we divide crystal glass rods into two groups to make ceiling lights. LED lamps with high color rendering and low color temperature were not commercial available at that time, therefore we adopted low-wattage ceramic metal halogen lamps as light source.


Our goal is to find a lighting solution in the adaptation and function of your need,and to develop it from the start to the end of the process.Although the project now finished,our after-sales service team still follow up the business whenever you may need.


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