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Several methods of identification of LED lighting lamps and lanterns is good or bad

by:Inlity     2020-04-24
In our daily life, always have to buy all kinds of household products, LED lighting lamps and lanterns is one of them. Although there are many different kinds of LED lighting lamps and lanterns, but people still want to buy cheap and quality products to use for a long time. Here are some simple and practical method of identification. Before we buy LED lighting lamps and lanterns, must first clear their purchase purpose. Is the need to use adornment is used for lighting. If only used for lighting, star photoelectric suggest buy is warm white or white light products. Small make up also introduced before the color temperature of LED lighting lamps and lanterns, you can understand. Under the starry sky light electronic teaching you simple discern the stand or fall of LED lighting lamps and lanterns: 1, the brightness. In the condition of lights we can't distinguish the luminous quality LED lighting lamps and lanterns, so can sell the home to several kinds of LED lamps and lanterns lit at the same time, we can see which product in the eyes glowing effect is good. 2, with the hand touch. When the store will be LED lighting lamps and lanterns lit after 10 minutes, we can use a hand to touch the surface of lamps and lanterns, if the feeling is very hot, it must be very poor heat dissipation of light, determined to give up. If the temperature is lower, so at least the heat dissipation of the lamps and lanterns is no problem. 3, watch brand. Varieties of LED lighting lamps and lanterns is too much, let a person dazzling, don't know how to choose. At this time there is a the most insurance method is, to buy the brand of LED lighting lamps and lanterns, metal product, the quality guaranteed, here small make up recommend star photoelectric LED lamps and lanterns manufacturer. Above is the most simple identification method for the LED lighting lamps and lanterns, is it useful? Later you can go to buy led lighting lamps and lanterns, give it a try.
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