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Custom LED lighting, we are professional!


Inlity has a strong and experienced Research & Development Department, which means a variety of new products with stable quality and rational construction can be developed each quarter of a year.


Besides, a well-trained production team can be one of the reasons why many customers from different countries choose us every year.


We guarantee the efficient communication between you and us. Check below, and see what benefits you can get from Inlity.



Guaranteed Quality & Lead Time


- We must comply with the date of shipping, quality and quantity agreed upon in each purchase order.


Provide Technology Support And The Necessary Training


- Inlity will provide you with the technology support and necessary training.



Guarantee and After Sales Services 100%

  • - We will provide you 5 years guarantee for each product, and replacement or maintain in due course.


Share With You Any Related Marketing Information

  • - Inlity will inform you in time of the opportunities of any deals that are generated directly and are originated in the Distribution Territory.


Launch New Products Every Quarter


- Inlity will design new product sequentially for your business expansion




Understanding,designing and providing lighting solutions.When a project is made-to measure,it means one challenge to take and Inlity staff always handle it very well. In Inlity Lighting,our advantage lies in the combination of design and products to carry out service,from passive demand to active design.

For a better lighting out put,we'd like to get building layout drawing and lighting effect drawing first.After the regional function division clear,next step goes to lighting selection and lighting simulation.This part is as the key,and other details still need further talking.

Our goal is to find a lighting solution in the adaptation and function of your need,and to develop it from the start to the end of the process.We offer you our commitment to design and engineering,awareness for creative innovation and attitude and ongoing implication at each stage.



After consulting with our technical staff we can properly define your lights’ requirements, upon which our production team can provide you with a clear quotation scheme. The quotation scheme will include the full specifications of your lights, as well as the estimated shipping costs to your address.

Specification check & Samples


Building on the extensive experience in the lghting field, our team will first confirm that if our catalog lights could match your needs,such as recessed,spotlights,downlights,wall-mounted,bollards,urban luminaires,etc.

If not,we'd like to manage your lighting parameter,custom samples and test for you.Of course,you'll finally check the output effect and decide the mass production or not.



Pre-payment and the start of production.
Once the customer is fully satisfied with our sample we can start mass production of the light,meanwhile the pre-payment will be done.Once the mass production cycle is begin,we'll let the customer know the status each few days.

Our dictionary is endless and the possibilities are vast-let your imagination meet our years of experience manufacturing lighting systems.Different lights,say recessed,spotlights,downights,wall-mounted,bollards,or urban luminaires,etc.



We can ship your product to you by a number of methods, including FOB, CIF or DDU/DDP. Inlity Lighting’s forwarder can help you select the best possible shipping method to suit your budget and requirements.

Certification & Inspection


Inlity Lighting supports certifications such as CE, EMC, LVD, RoHS, ErP and so on.Actually,all of our catalog products have passed the nessary certifications up to now.For the custom lights,we also offer ceitifications, please just let us know once the mass production begins.

We could offer 3rd party inspection for the customer.And we also welcome every customer to thoroughly check the lights, or alternatively come and visit our factory to do a complete check of all the products.



Beore,during and after

We believe that a project is not over when the last luminaire is in place, excellent service includes enjoying a lighting system that stands the test pf time.This means updating and maintenance.It translates to a relationship that is as tight as the first day, because we’re there for you each step of the way.


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