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Seashore Square, Yantai

Seashore Square, Yantai


Lighting design completed: June,2015 / lighting construction completed: Jan 2016

Chief designer: Daobo Zhang

Design team: Caiken Zhang, Xuelin Han, Huanbing Yang, Jinshan Lu.

Company: Shanghai Inlity lighting Electronics co., Ltd.


Related products: FL series, BT series, CL series, DL series, etc.

Elapsed time: 2015-2016                Customer country: Chinese mainland

Customer type: End user                Total cost: USD$0.88 Million

Inlity Lighting won the project bidding of Seashore Square in March, 2015.And we show our team work and core competence again.

Different from other cases, this one is as the complete outdoor lighting system, more elements took into consideration.

We do really got difficulties on the adaption and outdoor changing environment. We try our best to coordinate "Blue sky, white cloud, sea", designed in the appearance, function, meaning and other aspects of the very suitable cultural customized products.

From the project finished up to now, hardly no big problems ever happened.

Please kindly see details for our reference as below:


1. The Central Square

The sunken central square is the center of the Modern Area. Contrast to the colorful light of the dry fountain, the single-color light from lawn lamps and courtyard lamps at around makes circulation easier for people. The courtyard lamps and the lawn lamps, however, have a nuance of color temperature so as to make lighting more rhythmatic.

2. Interactive Lighting

People are interacting with a group of LED columns of different heights and luminous stones blended with the cobbled ground. With its various color changes, this set of artistic installation was quite eye-catching then.


3. The Shark

The transmittance of tensile membrane is not as high as people imagine, which means light is required to illuminate both sides of it. Downward light and horizontal light from the customized luminaires enlighten the whole membrane. Light and shadow alternate on the Shark as hanged lamps daggling in the night wind, as if the Shark is coming into life.

4.Seat Lights

In the Natural Recreational Area there are seats with inductive lighting. Light is dim and controlled within lower space, allowing wandering people more privacy.

5. Water System

The stream across the Natural Recreational Area does not have any guardrails. Beams of ground lamps function as "visual handrails" to warn visitors of the potential dangers(on the right picture). Stone lamps are placed at seemingly random amid rocks, preventing people from stepping into water by mistakes.

6.The Fountain

The water system nodes


7. Buildings Lighting

In the Historic Area, ancient buildings are well-preserved after repairing. In addition to antique street lamps, we also customize eaves tile lamps and corrugated lamps which are part of the building during the day and accentuate the outline of it at night. Compared to additional lamps, which are often out-of-place, eaves tile lamps and corrugated lamps are in harmony with the ancient building.

Our goal is to find a lighting solution in the adaptation and function of your need,and to develop it from the start to the end of the process.Although the project now finished,our after-sales service team still follow up the business whenever you may need.

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