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Pendant Lighting - Good for Sparkling Effects

by:Inlity     2020-04-04
Mention pendant lighting to most people, and right away, they think of the light that hangs suspended from a kitchen ceiling over an island counter top on a coiled wire. The truth though is, that a pendant light is good for most rooms of the house - if you know what kind of pendant light would work well there. A bedroom for the children, perhaps a guest bedroom - wherever space happens to be at a premium, lighting can be a great idea to help you gain a little extra space. The great thing about a pendant lamp is that even as it hangs off the ceiling, it does come in close enough to offer the kind of lighting effect that a bedside lamp would that was parked on your nightstand. Not to mention, pendant lighting can be controlled through a dimmer for lighting effects appropriate to the situation at hand. Pendant lighting is particularly well-suited to the kitchen. It goes well over a kitchen island, over a dining area, over the sink or the breakfast bar. They are a great way to bring task lighting throughout the kitchen area. In the dining room or the dining area of your kitchen, unless you have a really small dining table, a single pendant lamp will rarely be adequate. What you do is, you hang two or three full-sized pendant lamps or five or six mini-sized ones to cover the entire area of the dining table and the dining room. Experimenting with mixing lights of different suspension lengths can create an interesting effect that can certainly turn out to be more high-tech looking then what a chandelier could achieve. You have seen how pool tables are often lighted with lighting, haven't you? If you have one in your rec. room, you know now how to light It. Talking about a rec. room, how about a couple over the bar you might have in the basement? Anywhere you have a table or desk in your home, in the living room, the bedroom or family room a pendant lamp over it can be a way of delivering light close-up without actually having a lamp get in the way. Some people like pendant lighting for staircases (where they go particularly well, one might add), or in a bathroom. Hung low over a tub, the lighting effect can be particularly powerful. If you are handy around the house a bit, installing a pendant light around it could be a pretty good DIY projects to take up. Pendant lights aren't that expensive to buy. You could probably buy a brand name many light for about $50, and full-sized single like pendant for about $100 or less.
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