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Manufacturer of led lamp line article introduces led lights installed

by:Inlity     2020-05-26

we night can see the streets of the city subway, light color light, much of this is done with the led line deck and lamp manufacturers selling products, it is nice and easy to install, so widely loved by the people. But the led line remind when installing lamp manufacturer, there are still many details need to pay attention to, including the following three aspects. One, pay attention to the storage and transportation should be protected because led line light products is more precise, to put or store especially when handling daily, if the hands and feet too much vibration is likely to cause harm, led lamp line manufacturers therefore remind when dismantling or handling must take put down gently, can't exert too strong strength, more can't strong products. Led lamp line manufacturer stressed also pay attention to the problem into the shop, whether it's in the packaging, transportation or use of the time should be anti-static measures, otherwise, if produce today, is likely to lead to break bulbs burn out. Second, pay attention to see the product on the electric power is used in conditions, led line reminded not to be led lamp manufacturer line light products direct access to 220 v or 110 v voltage so as not to burn out the product, should according to the situation to choose suitable separate power supply. Guangdong led lamp line manufacturers also stressed if several kinds of color is a decoration of the form, then you need to use the controller, otherwise monochromatic don't need, and total power should be controlled within the normal range, ensure the service life of it. Third, pay attention to do other installation details for the led stripes is new so it is sometimes to decorate need may be bent to do modelling, led line lights manufacturer stressed this time must pay attention to the places where bending cannot where is led or other components, such as otherwise it will cause loss. Lines and led lamp manufacturers warned at installation time, don't tear up protection on the surface of the tape, first should be determined in all the location and length of the first, the installation now can tear up it. Above is led lamp manufacturer to introduce led line line lamp installed three matters needing attention, moreover also should pay attention to if installed indoors because of the way can through the link to complete the installation, though this operation is very convenient, but can't careless should clean up the need to install all of the surface of the first. Led lamp line manufacturers emphasize cannot leave dirt or other debris and oily be soiled, this stick up to avoid loss, ensure enough of the firm.

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