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Low voltage LED line light took the high voltage?

by:Inlity     2020-05-02

waterproof outdoor LED lamp line mostly used in outdoor building outline lighting, and do the dynamic effect of glass curtain wall. Quality LED lamp line are basically or DC12V DC24V power supply, need to use the LED switching power supply, enables the lamps and lanterns to the safe and stable work.

however, because of the complexity of the construction installation personnel, some may still do not understand installation of lamps and lanterns, part of the customers' power supply during the installation process is wrong, if low voltage LED lamp line to meet the high voltage? Recently had a customer send it back to repair a batch of lamps and lanterns, feedback said after installed lights snapped a loud is burnt, through inspection found that turned out to be one of the workers of the new team does not understand, didn't see the line installation drawing, thought that can directly jump, the results meet the 220 v power led directly to the lamps and lanterns is burned. For installation of lamps and lanterns that, we also need to see the lamps and lanterns has repeatedly stressed the message on the label, have reference we provide LED light factory with the goods you, especially line lamp installation guide, to weak current installation don't understand the customer should communicate with our engineers before installation, ensure the normal installation and use of lamps and lanterns. The connect high voltage causes the lamps and lanterns, burnt due to the internal circuit board wiring and all components are damaged, cannot be maintenance, can only change new lamps and lanterns, so the installation is also the focus of a successful lighting engineering. Simple, of course, also some customers in order to save trouble, look for high voltage LED lamp line, also has on the market, and the price is cheap. Here we also remind, high-voltage line light quality is not stable, damage to components of lamps and lanterns is very big, repair rate is very high, and the safe hidden trouble, once into the water. See here, I also hope that the broad masses of customers, lighting light choose to have the strength and quality of LED lamp line manufacturer cooperation, can give a perfect technical guidance and security and stability of products.

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