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Linear light the matters needing attention during installation

by:Inlity     2020-05-23

what are the precautions for linear light installation time, introduce for everybody below

1, LED cabinet lights before cut off the power supply, avoid by all means electrical installation; 2, electrician or related experience of personnel installation; 3, the lamp screwed on non flammable objects; 4, avoid installation above the heat source object, direct sunlight, air, and the region of the temperature change significantly, 5, in front of heat sensors do not have an impact on the induction of obstacles or moving heat source object; 6, in order to ensure maximum detection range, top installation height: 2. 5 - 3 m, wall installation height: 1. 8 - 2m; 7, avoid exposing products to outdoor, directly in the rain; 8, do not use sharp or coarse pollutants should touch touch lens; 9, induction switch installation location should keep a distance of more than 50 cm and lamps and lanterns, and avoid the light source directly on the sensor; The LED cabinet lights. Is above the stars of the photoelectric technical personnel to introduce the linear lamp installation considerations, are more than 9 o 'clock, firmly grasp the linear lamp installation considerations, you can easily install the linear light!

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