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Linear light seven application standards

by:Inlity     2020-04-24

now, the linear lamp lighting has become very common and widely applied, both outdoor and indoor are almost ubiquitous. Linear lamps and lanterns is not only fashion and easy, convenient installation, light as the backing, with brief lines and by division of creative design in the space and freedom, can build all kinds of fashion contracted modelling and light and shadow, highlights the linear light the perfection of beauty.

a good linear lamp lighting lamps and lanterns 'linear lamp lighting lamps and lanterns' should have the following seven basic criteria: 1. Beauty - Personal appearance. Contracted acme appearance and personalization application of non-standard, should not only follow the aesthetic tendency, and to reveal personality. 2. Super free - Splicing model. Length of joining together can free combination, smallpox - Wall - The floor - Edges can weave installed so as to blend with the environment. 3. Features better - Professional light distribution. Basic floodlight, multi-angle concentrated, polarized light wash wall, indirect reflection, can realize the function such as anti glare. 4. Human - Light feeling. Soft energy-saving high photosynthetic efficiency, low glare, see light not light, high color rendering healthy lighting, intelligent lighting as needed. 5. Scalable - System solutions. Lamps and lanterns, can integrate other categories can be connected to the induction/security/entertainment/control module, integrated into the intelligent household system. 6. Good experience - Flexible installation. Module, quickly go line, embedded/embedded/roof/wall hanging absorption/suspension is easy to install and maintain a variety of ways. 7. High quality - Stable and reliable. Systematic application of the products is relatively complex, light/power/control components such as durable and reliable quality, reduce maintenance costs. 7 application standard, is above the linear light LED line lamp or LED wash wall lamp series aluminum lamp body, compact and lightweight end cover and mounting bracket by high pressure die casting aluminum alloy high temperature resistant silicon rubber sealing ring, to ensure the reliability of the waterproof. Lamps and lanterns can be combined single or multiple installation. Suitable for all kinds of buildings, indoor and outdoor local lighting or contour.

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