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Line lamp shell conductive oxidation dyeing

by:Inlity     2020-05-08

line lamp shell anodic oxidation process is not very difficult, but there are certain technical content, aluminum shell is applied to commonly: TV shell, air conditioners shell, aluminum alloy shell, electronic products, metal shell.

coal desulfurization skill, to which the key is to destroy broken coal, coal appearance can show, to promote microbial oxidation of pyrite appearance. If no further pyrite chemical shift, so the disposal of time as long as a few minutes, and deleted in desulfurization of ash, but coal recovery rate of decline. Conductive oxide aluminum plate placed in the appropriate electrolyte ( Such as sulfuric acid, chromic acid, oxalic acid, etc. ) As anode, the necessary condition and the effect of impressed current, electrolytic anode alumina, alumina thin layer appearance for 60 to 200 microns thick, five to 20 microns most hard anodic oxidation film. Anodic oxidation of aluminium, the hardness and wear resistance of up to 250 mm ~ 500 kilograms, good heat resistance of hard anodic oxidation film melting point as high as 2320 k, excellent insulation function, breakdown voltage of 2000 v, strengthened the erosion resistance of countless omega = 0. 03 nacl salt spray erosion hours. There are a lot of microporous a thin layer of oxide film, can adsorption smooth agent, or other appropriate manufacturing launch machine cylinder wear parts; Membrane pores adsorption ability, can be colored into all kinds of beautiful bright colors. Nonferrous metals or alloys ( Such as aluminum, magnesium and its alloys, etc. ) For anodic oxidation. Chemical weak alkaline or aluminum plate of weak acid solution, a local base metal reaction, make the appearance of natural oxidation film thickening or other disposal of the passivation membrane, chromate film commonly used chemical oxidation film phosphating film, both thin adsorption is superior, coloring and hole sealing disposal. Aluminum chemical oxidation film and aluminum anodic oxide film, aluminum chemical oxidation film and aluminum anode oxide film, thin film length often erosion resistance and hardness are relatively low, but it is not easily light fastness of pigment dyeing. Aluminum coloring and color only introduced the anodic oxidation treatment.

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