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Led panel light how good or bad?

by:Inlity     2020-04-28

LED panel lights can be good or bad by the following method to distinguish: 1: use 'power factor meter can detect in! ' General entrance to the LED lamp power factor requirements to 0. More than 85. The power factor is lower than 0. 5, it should be said unqualified products or junk, power factor. Not only short-lived, and actual consumption power is a times higher than the nominal or so, that is, with the ordinary energy-saving lamps, have no electricity! So, this is why the LED lamps and lanterns need equipped with high quality and high efficiency drive power! Use the drive power supply, circuit design is bad, look at the overall 'lamps and lanterns is the power factor of power factor is low. Will greatly reduce the service life of lamps and lanterns, low power factor, again use the lamps and lanterns of good lights, life is not long. Another way is to use 'ammeter' to detect two nominal power of the same similar products, there is no 'power factor meter' consumers. The bigger current and harmonic current, the actual consumption quantity is big, also the less electricity saving! At the same time, the current is not stable, good for lamp bead lifetime and the lifetime of the whole lamps and lanterns! Second, see 'lamps and lanterns of the cooling conditions - Data, structure of LED lamps and lanterns 'heat dissipation is also very important the same power factor of lamps and lanterns and light bead with quality. Lamp bead work under high temperature, light failure will be very big, lamps and lanterns of life will be reduced. The heat dissipation material are mainly of thermal conductivity of copper, aluminum, copper PC is better than aluminum, at present. Of thermal conductivity of aluminum is better than the PC again, now use integration ceiling plate lamp material most commonly use aluminum radiator, best for pieces of aluminum, aluminum (car Aluminum, aluminum) The worst of times, cast aluminum, aluminum insert heat dissipation effect is best! If adopt the method of air convection to the cooling. Be sure to dispose of good power supply circuit, the insulation of the problems. Otherwise, the lamps and lanterns in a wet environment, prone to short circuit, cause safe accident! Third, work fine? In addition to the several main aspects mentioned above, a good quality LED lamps and lanterns. Based on the use of different environment, different technical requirements, such as moisture, dust, antimagnetic, lightning protection, etc. A good quality LED lamps and lanterns, anyhow. High quality driving power, good heat dissipation conditions, high quality chip) Lamp beads, accord with the perfect combination of peace specification aspects! Emphasis on any one party only, cannot be called a qualified products!

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