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LED Linear Light

LED Linear Light is specially designed for high-end office area lamps and lanterns. As a main office lighting lamps and lanterns, we try to make it a breakthrough on the structural and optical, for the first time in a linear light uses the surface structure of light, increase light area, reduce the surface brightness, increase light shading structure at the same time, limit the large Angle intensity, anti-dazzle effect to some extent. In order to meet the requirements of modern office installation, an embedded slider is adopted to realize seamless splicing. The linear light fixtures body adopts a fluent line form main body structure, adds fruity arc in end cover place, obtain fine and hale balance, makes it appear a medium and steady temperament. Optics is also the design focus of CRE3. The narrow luminescent surface makes the glare of the led-linear become the design difficulty. By increasing the luminescent area inside the lamp body, the luminescent surface is embedded.

Another bus is set in the suspended led-linear, and multiple splicing only needs one input line. It is the ideal luminaire for linear office lighting, seamless-connecting design, classical monochrome style, adopts the internal splicing, hidden connection structure, takes the optical module as the basic unit, the linear suspension light is continuous without breakpoint, achieving the real seamless splicing. Commercial hanging lights not only can light up your room of the home, office, but also ideal decoration pendants.


Inlity is a top-quality lights brand and the company offers professional lighting solutions, unique design, low or high lumens of lights can be customized. We are a leading linear light manufacturer with more than 15 years experience. We not only producing top-rated products but also design it according to spaces to match with different scenarios. Inlity already has many successful projects globally. Can see our website for more details. 

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