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LED linear light later maintenance, what should we do?

by:Inlity     2020-05-04

LED linear light work outside for a long time, the dust on the surface of the lamps and lanterns are increasing, accumulate over a long period of dust, if not timely cleaning, will effect the lighting intensity of your light. So, in the case of LED linear light met too much dust, just need to dust with a clean cloth to wipe clean, Note: when making any maintenance work, be sure to put all the power off)

second, LED linear light maintenance we need to do the following: 1, routine inspection, lamps and lanterns is our body, for example, every year or every once in a while will go to a hospital checking your body, even if our body is very good will buy yourself a reassuring, our LED linear light is the same, in the process of daily maintenance if it is found that lamps and lanterns, what kind of problems can be returned to the factory to repair in time. 2, long-term 'comb' wind and rain LED linear light met the storm, if you have found a deviation of the Angle of the light, should timely adjust the Angle of the right light. 3, lamps and lanterns of in the daily routine inspection and found the surface of the glass breaks, lamps and lanterns will be immediately removed and sent back to the original factory maintenance, so as not to hurt the innocent. ( Note: when making any maintenance work, be sure to put all the power off) Don't forget to beginner's mind, always, good products, will talk, with quality beauty products to win customers trust. With the personality and trust to win each customer's expectations, light minister outdoor lighting lamps and lanterns lit every city!

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