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LED linear light indoor lighting design technique and art

by:Inlity     2020-04-29

lighting's influence on the indoor environment light had a great influence on the indoor environment, brightness change is too big, easy to cause visual fatigue, and even cause glare; But too much uniform brightness distribution will reduce perceived the definition of content, and make indoor the atmosphere of the inflexible. So, in predominantly mood lighting, need to change the brightness of the technique to create a pleasant atmosphere. Indoor lighting visual impression from lighting space distribution of the light and shade. Different architectural composition and diversity of architectural style, the inevitable choice of optic lighting space distribution have different impact. If taken is consistent with the building interior space form arrangement of lighting, can highlight of architectural space is more depth and level, and deepen the building space gives a person the feeling. Such as a large conference room lighting design, should consider to have adequate and uniform illumination, try to avoid shadows and glare. If the building is in the form of translucent diffuse condole top material, can be in the ceiling lamp inside, form the luminance uniformity of large area luminous ceiling, make the light effect both day and night lighting environment was simulated, and the diffuse lighting will form the light is downy, can the full performance of architectural space volume. For some tall hall, bas-relief and pattern Angle will be used when the adornment such as, diffuse lighting is difficult to fully show the shape of these ornaments and stereo feeling. At this point, can reduce the part of the ceiling light emitting area, appropriately control the distribution of the indoor and tonal, in order to view form the change of luminance and chrominance; Or the other of local lighting devices such as wall lamp, pendant lamp, desk lamp, in order to increase the light of administrative levels to apply colours to a drawing the atmosphere of a room. Restaurants, coffee shops and other interior space lighting, want to consider the influence of psychological factors on people, high brightness can make people excited and active; Low light can make people feel relaxed and daydream. Therefore, indoor lighting intensity and its distribution should be depends on the category. Luxury restaurant, coffee shop of light intensity of illumination should be considered to moderate, the light wants downy and form a uniform diffuse, the indoor lighting and the organic integration of building structure, make whole space has good lighting visual environment; The cafeteria or fast food restaurants lighting should be considered in the table above, and have high brightness; Other parts of the lighting should be soft and hidden, make people's attention is focused on the table, to achieve the purpose of quick service and rapid circulation. If the restaurant is pervious to light wallboard, can put light between its and building structure, to form a luminous wall plate, it is a good fit for near vision, the background of and for the whole room can form the vision and pleasing to the eye, make indoor and outdoor environment be in harmony are an organic whole, received the effect of enlarge indoor space. Engaged in indoor lighting design, should be taken into account in use function, at the same time, using different ways of artificial lighting, the change of light intensity, the distribution of light and shadow to beautify the environment, foil atmosphere, enhanced space feeling. The main practice and experience is: ( 1) Depending on different activities or work needs, intensity of illumination for the reasonable configuration, to create a good visual physiology environment; ( 2) To avoid glare, light and the brightness of the difference than, prevent visual fatigue and poor visual psychological effects; ( 3) Indoor lighting should reflect the interior structure, spatial level and the outline of indoor furniture and decorations of stereo feeling; ( 4) Using light special adornment style, showing the surface of the fabric or building material texture, reflect the aesthetic feeling of interior decoration, interior color. Lighting and analysis of different light sources have different color of light color, produced by the environmental atmosphere and their expression of environment art effect is different also. Red, orange, and yellow low TPS source of color, give a person with enthusiasm, warmth, the feeling of excitement, dynamic. In the hotel lobby, USES of large-area low color TPS source lighting, can render a warm and comfortable, warm friendly atmosphere, give a guest feel at home; The sitting room of housing is family share the land, with low color TPS source lighting, can make the life of the sitting room more full-bodied sweet atmosphere. Blue, green, purple high sowing source of color, can give a person with cool, calm and serene, quiet and tastefully laid out, the feeling of peace, suitable for installation in the hospital ward. In reading, writing, office interior space, such as use of large-area high sowing source lighting of color, can create quiet and elegant environment, in order to improve the attention and work efficiency.
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