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LED line lights and LED wash wall light differences

by:Inlity     2020-05-27

today and you talk about the LED line lights and LED wash wall light differences. LED lights line used for outdoor lighting, have a lot of similarities in shape, almost can not see a big difference between the two. Then, LED wash wall lamp and LED lamp line what is the difference? Usually said, LED line lights is one of the LED wash wall lamp, but some LED lamp line also is outside the scope of the LED wash wall lamp, such as some soft LED decorative light, we called them LED lamp line. LED wash wall lamp can be seen clearly with the stent, according to the requirements, flexible adjustment, and has a large scale, and the LED lamp line is rare have such a large scale. And LED lamp line is mostly square, but LED wash wall light by itself with stents, the design of the appearance is not fixed. LED lamp line is a kind of flexible decorative light, low power consumption, long life, easy to bend. Generally applicable to building outline outline and billboards, and so on. LED wash wall lamp, the image of the said is light like water washed metope, mainly used in building decoration lighting, can also be used to draw the outline of the outline of a large building. In terms of the use of lamps and lanterns parameters, both also have differences, such as the power of lamps and lanterns, LED wash wall lamp is mostly high-power, lines and LED lights are mostly of small power. LED wash wall light during installation, see the height of the lighting requirements, and also need to have a certain interval between with metope, only a high power LED wash wall lamp can do. And LED lamp line is low power, it is hard to do. And LED wash wall light in terms of heat dissipation and waterproof difficulty bigger, need to do more detailed

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