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LED landscape lighting project how to use the LED lamp line manufacturer of lamps and lanterns to do right

by:Inlity     2020-05-02

urban landscape engineering USES a lot of lighting lamps and lanterns, look at the night will be colorful scenery, is the colour of it is more sufficient than projection lamp. By using the LED as light source, costs less special.

one of the key is the style of the shell size, heat dissipation area, body weight, with the coefficient of heat transfer in a stable suitable thermal balance, avoid any damage to growing and led lamp bead, in view of this, more recommendations arrangement purpose better goods. Manufacturer of LED lamp line of underwater light key role is to create light effects, it has plenty of color, can establish environment like fairyland as a charm. The use of lighting lighting art, can not only give the vitality of a big city, big cities and the ability to create a unique appeal, because of this, designs city-lighting design is to enhance the artistic appeal of the big cities, make household sentiment in the scene, from the memories revive at the, the clever use of landscape lighting to highlight the personality of the building, make landscape lighting effect, practical, make cities more than parked in decorative landscape lighting, landscape lighting is to achieve dramatic art beautiful landscape lighting, to properly use the combination of light and shadow, the terrain, landscape, green plant, water features, Such as fountains, streams, lakes) Key elements such as in the night when she has beautiful scenery, beautiful sceneries can eat. Used in Bridges, in particular, if there are water utility, looks more beautiful and moving, like a rainbow. LED lamp line brand of basic basic underwater lamp shell is extruded aluminum shell, there are some surface anodic oxidation process, dividing methods: raw soften mark to go out and processed to soften the mark will be able to erase. Because of this, even with a lot of lighting lamps and lanterns, will not cause huge burden of energy consumption. And LED light source than basically light projection distance, high resolution. Because of this, has the energy saving effective personality lighting lamps and lanterns has begun to replace the other underwater light goods. And also according to seasonal differences, giving multiple prospective differences of urban lighting design. In LED landscape lighting engineering design, is to use LED lights in the night or other proper foil the original appearance of the landscape, more increase the charm of the landscape, and therefore have to know in lighting design, and decorate what want to express behind, so arrangement of landscape lighting can fit the designers want to express ideas, create a more beautiful landscape. LED lamp line is a kind of lighting lamps and lanterns with various useful, can be used in building lighting, garden lighting, outdoor lighting, ancient architectural lighting, bridge lighting and other outdoor lighting project, and good utility, won a lot of choose and buy people chase after hold in both hands. LED lamp line key usage or lighting, outdoor lighting will be ups and downs of the wall into a light curtain, overwhelmed.

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