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"3·15" Consumer rights day is coming, various channels of the fight against counterfeit sounded in the second, yesterday (March 10), the state administration for industry and commerce website announced 52 brands, 316 batches of plug, socket spot inspection results, which found that 64 batches of unqualified plug socket, A total of 26 brands are involved, including namfu, scenic spots, akihawara, hongjian, chunfa, Panongsidec, jieyin, LG legang, luo bei, Ai Lang, Michael gao, IMP, Smitunce, madian, langneng, Simon SmondaVI, oupuzhaiming, yuliang, oumai, benbang, bojian, farnsa, SHSTOSBEN, song er, dupont, guanhua and so on.

Testing results show that the unqualified plug socket is mainly in the size, sign, anti - shock protection, heat resistance, mechanical strength and other items testing does not meet the national mandatory standards. The state administration for industry and commerce (saic) has ordered the industrial and commercial departments of relevant provinces and cities to strictly investigate and punish the unqualified commodities found in the sampling inspection.

In the fourth quarter of 2014, the state administration for industry and commerce organized industry and commerce departments of Jilin, Zhejiang, Sichuan and Qinghai provinces to carry out spot check and inspection on the quality of plugs and sockets in circulation according to the arrangement of spot check and inspection plan for key commodities in circulation. The industrial and commercial departments of the four provinces have worked out the implementation plan and organized the implementation of the sampling inspection in strict accordance with the provisions of the sampling inspection measures on commodity quality in the circulation field.This sampling inspection involves bull, PHILIPS, Rogge Lang, Akihayuan, baker, Hongjian, flying eagle, PANASONIC, Delixi, Zhengtai,TCL, BIHU and other 52 brands, sampling inspection plug socket 316 batch.

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