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LED lamps and lanterns of the shell

by:Inlity     2020-05-01
LED lamps and lanterns of the shell is a kind of blister acrylic board ( Organic material) Produce the lamps and lanterns of the shell, prevent to get an electric shock, and other functions.

Chinese LED lamps shell shell materials blister acrylic plate for use to prevent electric shock, protect your eyes, the absorption of light is uniform

it to absorb light is even, so the light through the acrylic plate is very soft, color is very pure. Role

LED lamp shell is not just a cover on the lamp together in order to make the light effect, still can prevent to get an electric shock, is also effective to protect your eyes, so there will be light on each lamp shell. Type

PC lamp shell, shell and glass lamp, lamp shell, frosted lamp plastic shell, diy lamp shell, paper lamp shell profile lamp shell, etc.

indoor protection requirements is not high, with ordinary materials such as plastic, plastic, at the same time as today's LED energy-saving lamps, high-power generally for aluminum type, also has a part is plastic.

outdoor protection demand is higher, general multi-purpose engineering plastic (PC), and polycarbonate, acrylic, etc. Not easy deformation, high strength, waterproof fast polymer materials. Now a lot of industrial LED lighting lamps and lanterns is used in military, aerospace, metallurgy, mining and other fields, the more is aluminium alloy, steel and other corrosion resistant, high strength material.

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