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LED lamps and lanterns of accelerated life test method

by:Inlity     2020-05-01

in order to quickly find the LED light source module failure point and weak point, usually adopt accelerated life test to study the reliability test. So-called accelerated life test is without changing the premise of failure mechanism, adopt the method of improving stress, disable device speed, so that in such a short time to obtain the acceleration data, such as cases of failure rate and life and the reliability of the calculated under the condition of normal stress characteristics. Increasing stress cases can speed up the LED internal physical and chemical change, quickly exposed device structure design and material defects, for the LED light source module provides the basis for optimization of structural design and materials and reference. At present commonly used applied stress conditions including temperature, humidity, vibration and impact, solar radiation ( Ultraviolet radiation) , the strength of electromagnetic radiation, air pressure, chemicals ( Corrosion gas) , dust, such as voltage, current, a number of studies have shown that, in view of the acceleration of the LED light source module is more effective stress is mainly temperature, humidity, current and vibration of the LED lamps and lanterns of reliability test method is the key to how to USES the combination of stress, time and way. Accelerated life tests can be divided into the following kinds. 1. Constant stress accelerated life test samples of constant stress accelerated life test is divided into several groups, each group in a fixed under the stress of the test, the sample of stress remains unchanged during the test, the stress level for not less than three. But compared with other two kinds of accelerated life test is the most mature of the test method, the test equipment is relatively simple, easy to control test conditions, the test result error is smaller, so widely used. 2. Step stress accelerated life test step stress accelerated life test is the sample during the test on the stress in a certain interval stepwise increase, until samples have enough degradation. The test can be observed in a relatively short period of time the failure of components, and only need a set of test samples. But the time interval between two groups of stress is not easy to determine. Time interval is too short, the transition of the change of stress effect will influence the result of the products of aging, the time interval is too long, with the constant stress accelerated life test has no essential difference. And step stress accelerated life test to determine the life of the product - — Relationship between stress, error is relatively large. Is currently a hot research topic is to use stepping high temperature stress and constant humidity stress accelerated degradation test was carried out on the LED light source subsystem, so as to predict its life. Using this method must be based on the following five hypotheses: ( 1) Test samples through the performance degradation of irreversible, that is, the performance degradation process has the monotonicity. ( 2) Under each accelerated stress level, the failure mechanism and failure mode of test samples are unchanged. ( 3) Test samples under different stress level accelerated degradation data with the same distribution form, at the same time, the performance degradation data are used to get the sample of the pseudo failure life should follow the same distribution types under different stress level. ( 4) Test samples with 'no memory properties', its residual life has nothing to do with the way of accumulation, only depends on the stress level and load has accumulated failure parts. ( 5) Can be described by linear or linear expression of product performance degradation process. Typically selected three step stress level and a constant temperature humidity stress level, firstly calculates the concrete temperature stress for a long time, and then determine the degree of confidence, sample quantity, etc. , when the test time to end time, select higher fitting degree of regression models fitting degradation data, calculate the sample at a constant stress under different temperature and humidity stress level of pseudo failure life and finally find out under the normal stress level of light source, the reliability characteristics of reliability distribution function and calculate the life span. General test time is 2000 hours, using this method can meet the demand of the market, but in the end the research results are not reliable with actual lighting lamps and lanterns of life than validation. 3. Sequence into stress accelerated life test sequence into stress accelerated life test samples is according to the time constant during the test on the stress increase, until samples have enough degradation, the advantages of this test is to accelerate the highest efficiency, the shortest test time. But test stress with time in the process of continuous increase, in order to determine the degradation degree and stress of components - The dependence of time, need to be in a few different stress - Repeat several times test on time rate of change, so it decided to the statistical analysis is very complex, and test equipment is expensive, and therefore less used. 4. Highly accelerated life test is now an LED reliability direction is intensifying test in step stress accelerated and sequence into stress accelerated, on the basis of comprehensive stress conditions of the other high accelerated life test ( 停止) 。 According to the standard GWM8287, high accelerated life test is the first step to step into the temperature test. The second step for rapid temperature change test. The third step vibration experiment was carried out. The fourth step for step vibration and rapid temperature change at the same time test. Samples according to the actual situation on the basis of the above four steps for sequence into stress accelerated cycle test, the several kinds of stress conditions continue to improve, until the product failure. The main purpose of this method is to find the product of stress limit, unpredictable life, general test time is less than 100 hours. The four kinds of accelerated life tests each have advantages and disadvantages, in the reliability of the actual research trials shall be carried out according to the characteristics of the different experiment test method of choice.

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