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LED lamps and lanterns manufacturers how to control the cost of the LED lighting lamps and lanterns?

by:Inlity     2020-05-01
Now is the era of the three pillars of lighting industry, incandescent lamp old and grow stronger, completely delisted it will take time. Fluorescent developing steadily, and also don't know the market share. As a rising star LED lighting lamps and lanterns, huge advantages, yet its price has always been the obstacle LED to popularize. At present in the lighting market, incandescent lamp is receding, added the vacant market continues to LED lighting lamps and lanterns, high prices, however, let the sales staff headache and consumers. Company to produce civil LED lighting lamps and lanterns is selling don't pay, users have demand but can't afford it. This is really a big problem. So the question comes, those low price LED lighting lamps and lanterns that appeared on the market now is how to control costs? LED lamps and lanterns manufacturer is never at a loss to sell LED lamps and lanterns? Below to common civil LED lighting lamps and lanterns of LED fluorescent tube as an example, to say the so-called 'low price' the LED fluorescent tube how to save cost. First, we should know is that the price of the LED chip control in the hands of the upstream chip control business, ordinary LED lamps and lanterns manufacturers can only be purchased from the upstream LED chip, so it is unable to save the cost. So low price LED fluorescent tube can only from other aspects in order to save the cost. Of course, there are undesirable LED lamps and lanterns manufacturer with 0. 7 w lamp bead instead of 1 w lights to sell. This LED daylight lamp brightness is lower than normal. First, from the external material cost reduction. The most common method is aluminum frame into a plastic shell; Aluminum frame is many grade, high quality aluminum some convert into ordinary aluminum, this part also can reduce the cost. It will be still LED lamps and lanterns manufacturer aluminium shell thickness is reduced, reducing the amount of green, then reduce the costs. Second, reduce the cost from the internal circuit board designer in the design of the LED fluorescent tube, considering the heat dissipation problem, usually in the PCB material selection on the aluminum plate, aluminum substrate is the most valuable heat dissipation material. But even with the price of aluminum plate LED fluorescent tube is still expensive, so the LED lamps and lanterns manufacturer in order to save costs, will be aluminum plate into FR4 bo qian board, at the expense of the heat dissipation and lifespan, reduce the price. If the LED lamps and lanterns manufacturer benefit to use cheaper glass fiber board, could cause a safety hazard because of improper heat dissipation. Third, to reduce costs on power known, LED three components: chip, heat dissipation, power supply. As one of the most important three components, the cost of the power of natural is not cheap, LED lamps and lanterns manufacturer in order to further reduce the cost, it is only natural that take the power supply operation. Isolates isolation power supply into the power supply, for example, resistance capacitance step-down power into a capacitance step-down power, the power of the different quality costs. Ranging from 3 yuan to 30 yuan, the lower the price, of course, the power supply quality is poor. According to professional do LED drive power source said: resistance capacity power and capacitor step-down power performance is unstable, the life also only about six months, promised 'warranty for 3 years' also be naught but empty words, the service life and common fluorescent lamp makes no difference. In order to let the customer can buy at a lower price to the LED lighting lamps and lanterns and reduce the cost, this is a good starting point. But if blind to reduce costs, without considering the consumers use safety and the quality of the LED lighting lamps and lanterns. It's down the path of an error, a lot of LED lamps and lanterns manufacturer on prices, reduce costs without limit, the low-quality low-cost LED lamps and lanterns to the market, after let consumers down.
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