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LED lamp line structure characteristics and material

by:Inlity     2020-04-29

LED line lamp or LED wash wall lamp series aluminum lamp body, compact and lightweight end cover and mounting bracket by high pressure die casting aluminum alloy high temperature resistant silicon rubber sealing ring, to ensure the reliability of the waterproof. Lamps and lanterns can be combined single or multiple installation. Suitable for all kinds of buildings, indoor and outdoor local lighting or contour. LED lamp line of what is material and characteristics: LED line light lamps shell adopts aluminium alloy control, lines is distinct, simple structure, beautiful shape, solid, corrosion resistance, easy installation. Lamps and lanterns of LED line light surface electrostatic pensu processing, high temperature resistant, weather resistant performance is good. LED line light reflector imported anodized aluminum plate, to ensure the high output of light energy. 3 mm thick high-strength tempered glass, high transmittance, impact resistance. LED lamp line built-in security protection grade reaches IP65. LED lamp technology parameter table model lines: HX - XQ range of colors: red, yellow, blue, green, white and color. The LED light beam Angle lines: 15 ° - 60°。 LED light irradiation distance lines: 20 meters. LED lamp line control system: simple DMX512 controller or wash wall lamp controller. LED line light shell material: aluminum alloy. LED lamp line connection mode: standard signals the power cord connector 3 pin connector. Lighting, after going through a series of evolution, is slowly into a kind of fashion, humanized lighting products has become the first choice, and the LED is small in size, unlike traditional light source has the glass shell, and the light is easy to control, the appearance of lamps and lanterns of humanized design for the line with the LED lamp manufacturers of infinite space. Improve the utilization rate of luminous flux, big limit reduce comprehensive lighting costs. LED lamp line, though less certain traditional illuminant light efficiency is high, but the LED light source intensity, utilization rate is high, so as long as through reasonable optical processing, using its flux of large extent in terms of intensity of illumination, LED line lights can be fully meet the requirements of functional lighting. Under the condition of the same test 3 wled illumination and 35 w halogen lamp cup. Within 3 meters of LED light source at the center of the intensity of illumination is higher than halogen lamp cup a lot, in practice, the commonly used lighting range between 1 - lamp cup 3 meters, can be easily seen from the figure 3 w LED line lamp lighting effect is obviously better than 35 w halogen lamp cup, this is mainly because no good use its luminous flux halogen lamp cup.

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