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LED lamp line is popular with lighting designers and owners

by:Inlity     2020-04-28

industrial area pattern change, global packaging production capacity to China. In the chip industry and downstream out to sea, under the support of the mainland encapsulation capacity increasing. In the aspect of market management, or in its own brand, or on behalf of the international OEM factory, the factory in China in recent years, the proportion of the contract increases year by year. Yu Bin think, if the enterprise want to rapid increase, contract is a way. But, if not quickly do the products size is big, the coming days will be hard. As to the real reason for the boom, not a single case. A variety of raw materials and artificial cost rise; Downstream displays strong demand, as well as the results of other factors such as comprehensive decision of competitive strategy. Anyway, price has become a fact. But not dozen quality rise in price war are all play rascal, the ascension of each link enterprise boom industry excellence, everyone is happy to see. In order to improve the visibility and view and admire a gender. Led has been increasingly applied to the signal and the logo lighting, road traffic lights, induction lights and contours of the building's facade lighting, city square, garden, walking the streets of garden light color lighting, more are produced after using high brightness led, its characteristics and very long service life, excellent energy-saving lighting designer and the owners. 1. Lamp ZhuDeng bead brand a lot, in general use are three Ann, wafer chip, also have do CREE and puri, the price difference is bigger, also is the main reason that led line light price gap. 2. Material shell the importance of high quality aluminum is needless to say, about the cooling, appearance, antioxidant and other aspects, the mix a lot of impurity aluminum price is very low, there is in front of the article said that the PCB board, the joint line these details, is a lot of water, don't open it look not to come out; 3. We know that the glue glue process is a key link in the process of waterproof effect, the glue has a lot of knowledge, with what kind of glue, how to do right, it's elegant lamp manufacturers of professional and technical lines; 4. Value added to the testing equipment, production process, work requirements and sales service

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