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Led lamp line high temperature resistant, good weather resistance

by:Inlity     2020-04-28

led line light applicability widely, can be used in shopping malls, entertainment venues, building facade, etc. Make creative media wall, can be installed on the wall or ceiling, etc. , play different effect, attract the crowds, highlight quality. Or pick up interactive technology, realize the interaction with people, increase the fun, widely popular with stylist and owner.

led lamp line is characterized by low power consumption, long life, high brightness, flexible, free maintenance, etc. Especially suitable for indoor and outdoor recreation, building outline and the production of the billboards, etc. According to the different demand the product, there are 2 v, 24 v, etc. , has 30 cm, 60 cm, length 90 cm, 120 cm, etc. , can also according to customer's actual demand production of different specifications of the line light. Shell adopts aluminium alloy control, lines is distinct, simple structure, beautiful shape, solid, corrosion resistance, easy installation. Lamps and lanterns surface electrostatic pensu processing, high temperature resistant, weather resistant performance is good. Led lamp line in removing their products under the condition of lack of technology, the problem is easy to install and been as objects close. Easy to cause light gathered transition uneven phenomenon. Distance is according to 20 cm 60 cm is ideal projection distance, if the lens design of good won't appear such problems. Led lamp line manufacturer of outdoor lighting lamps and lanterns of the shell is usually tensile aluminum shell, better surface anodic oxidation treatment, distinguish method: untreated softening of trace to not to drop, the processed soften traces can erase. Important is the shell of the specifications of the size, heat dissipation ability, body weight, with the coefficient of heat transfer in a stable suitable thermal equilibrium, avoid growing and lamp bead breakage, in view of this, any recommendations to decorate purpose strong one commodity. Led stripes lamp manufacturer of led light function is the focus of the building lighting effect, it has good color, can be created around like fairyland fantasy but person. USES many led outdoor lighting engineering line lamp, look at the city at night colorful picture, knew the color of it more fully than the projection lamp. Due to using the led as light source, abnormal loss less. Therefore use many led lamp line, not easy also caused much burden on energy output. And the led light than ordinary light projection distance, high resolution. Therefore outdoor led lamp line with energy saving effective cleansing properties have begun to replace the line with other led lamp products. And according to the season, providing multi-level prospective different lighting design approach.

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