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LED lamp line have different effects and changes in the light color

by:Inlity     2020-05-06

as led line light manufacturer, we do not know now led line light industry as before, first, because now the one who is more, we heard that led line light industry can earn money, a litter of peak rush in this industry, the products are too much surplus, neglected, this little part of the reason. One reason is that the line is led lamp price of the product is very chaotic, such as the same led lamp line, there may be as far off the quotation, this also is affected, cause the entire market but there are some lines too pay attention to the price of the led lamp manufacturers, have many clients at the price, it can't buy, you get what you pay for. To eliminate any damage caused by lightning potential difference, power cables, signal lines, metal pipelines with over-voltage protector for equipotential connection, the interface of the inner sanctuary to local equipotential connection, each local equipotential connection to connect each other, after connected with main equipotential. In view of the material to analyze the PCB board, PCB also has many kinds of quality level, on the market the most cheap line lamp selection is the secondary material of PCB board, the board after heated easy delamination, copper foil is too thin, poor adhesiveness copper foil layer and PCB layer is easy to separate, not to mention how line stability, plate are also count on line is stable? That's not funny, everyone is busy! Most cheap line light it without reasonable wiring layout and test to evaluate the reliability and stability of it. And regular LED line light produced by the products will certainly can do this on the market sales. Generally speaking, the price of the LED lamp line brands ranging from 50-200 yuan between, according to the power of discretion to decide how much of the price. As a result, users need to be carefully when buy know what they need the information such as the size and power, good can ask merchants need product information, so you can avoid choose not to use LED lamp line product. Many building outline is very distinctive, like a palace, science and technology museum, ancient architectural structures, all kinds of style, but very ugly out during the night, when you need LED lamp line to show the outline of them. Lines around the edge of building external wall, mount the LED lamp, can show an outline of the building at night, do not lose their appearance design style, has the different effect of light color and change at the same time, more add features. Lines in addition to highlight the building outline, the led lamp brand led line light also can combination ChengJianZhu curtain wall, use external control controller, reflect the dynamic effect. This effect is most used in areas such as the shopping mall at the hotel, also can have the effect of advertising.

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