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Led lamp line for decoration lamps and lanterns, what are the characteristics?

by:Inlity     2020-05-03

in daily life, we often see the shadow of the led lamp line, it belongs to a kind of led wash wall lamp, softness is stronger adornment lamps and lanterns, can according to the demand curve, to achieve what you want. So, do you know led lamp line in addition to soft, and what features?

led line light lamps shell adopts aluminium alloy control, lines is distinct, simple structure, beautiful shape, solid, corrosion resistance, easy installation. Lamps and lanterns of led line light surface electrostatic pensu processing, high temperature resistant, weather resistant performance is good. Led line light reflector imported anodized aluminum plate, to ensure the high output of light energy. 3 mm thick high-strength tempered glass, high transmittance, impact resistance. Led lamp line built-in security protection grade reaches IP65. Led lamp technology parameter table model lines: HX - XQ range of colors: red, yellow, blue, green, white and color. The led light beam Angle lines: 15 ° - 60°。 Led light irradiation distance lines: 20 meters. Led lamp line control system: simple DMX512 controller or wash wall lamp controller. Led line light shell material: aluminum alloy. To install, for the convenience and save wire take lamps and lanterns of too many, so a pressure drop will be dark at the back of the lamps and lanterns, led lamp line when we install are suggested to 6 meters a loop. General customers will be very easy to ignore the problem, he is 6 m a loop, this is right, but a lot of erector will ignore the last one the thrum of the lamps and lanterns is no good waterproof processing, so water from thread into the lamp panel, so we are advising clients to lamps and lanterns at the end of a line on the glass glue or entangled with waterproof tape, achieve the effect of waterproof. Led line lighting effect getting more concentrated, can provide adequate light, avoid the waste of resources, and use led lamp line to decorate the office environment, create a simple, natural and graceful light atmosphere, in the office, shopping malls, schools, the study of household, individual club, convenience store, hotel and so on these occasions, there are a wide range of applications. Led lamp line as metope outline lighting, outdoor lighting used in the screen, lines for the led lamp can be used in curtain wall lighting, users need more clearer expression of whether to use led lamp line as curtain wall lamp, must make voltage test, so that I may not suitable for application of led lighting products, cause safety accidents.

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