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Led lamp line brand should pay attention to the use efficiency of light source

by:Inlity     2020-05-02

the main purpose of the led lamp line is to change the hotel night image, make the building at night to reshape and reengineering, shows during the day can't reflect the charm and characteristics, so as to attract more customers.

1, pay attention to the efficiency of the lighting efficiency, we pay attention to efficiency, to do things is the pursuit of high efficiency, led lamps and lanterns should choose the professional line of lamp light source, is different from ordinary light source must be tungsten filament burn to heat to glow, causing large amounts of electric energy in the form of heat energy is consumed, therefore, with the same amount of electricity, led lamps and lanterns of lines with higher brightness. At the same time, should pay attention to the use efficiency of light source. 2, environment specific environment refers to the application environment of lamps and lanterns, the use of all-weather, not influenced by any weather, whether rain or sunshine, winter or summer, can the normal work, in brand of led lamp line for cold resistance, high temperature resistance, waterproof type are required, be sure to satisfy users around the clock. 3, here refers to the power consumption, energy consumption led line now is developing in the direction of the led lamp brand, using led products have highlighted the characteristics of low energy consumption, a lot of light source, the technology level of manufacturing technology and related components page in progress. New type of electrode, the application of new type of electronic transformer, power consumption is greatly reduced. 4, the use of time in a long time, the hotel lighting after years of upgrading of products, also improve the working life, general life led line lamp brand products for the 3 - Five years, according to the daily work time is different, use of time is different, generally light source at 7:00 in the evening - Work between 12:00, 4 - the day's work 5 hours. 5, effects, led lamp line brands can have all sorts of modelling as well as a variety of forms, with dynamic in hotel lighting design, activity union, have running water, a little light, form, effect is better. But in the end is how to show the building itself and convey the owner of the mind. 6, economic economic specific said is to save money. Tubes and dynamic light scanning tubes, can be set to beat type scanning, scanning, gradual type melange color seven color scan. Invest less, effect is strong, economical and practical forms of advertising. With great flexibility.

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