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Led lamp line brand heat dissipation structure is aluminum

by:Inlity     2020-05-03

led lamp line brand heat dissipation structure are choose aluminous material, the following will introduce for you

1, drive power believe many friends all know that used led products, driving power can be an important link in the led lighting products. A high efficiency, low fever, stability good driver power is particularly important for LED lighting products, LED lamp line also is not exceptional also, now we can get the isolation of driving power to discuss with everybody. The isolation of drive power supply characteristics generally to do constant flow pressure, wide voltage 85 - that city 265 v gm, this is very common, and low power consumption, high efficiency, some still can ask work due to the higher, and have short circuit protection, open output overvoltage protection, higher load capacity and so on aspects of demands, but also involves the part of the drive power to adopt some security design, with the method of physical insulation, even when using the isolated driver power supply can achieve absolute security. 2, LED light source in order to be able to reach a certain brightness, we need to pay attention on the selection of light source is different lamp bead used design is different, and the heat dissipation effect is different, the light efficiency is different also, of course, will not be able to in order to save cost to choose some low grade, low intensity light bead to the Numbers of line of an LED lamp brightness is make sure those goals are met by the light source, light source what brightness do bad can speak? So the led line lamp light source also is very cultured. 3, the radiator on the market at present ordinary led line light heat dissipation structure are chooses aluminous material, and then through the heat lamp bead aluminum plate will guide external aluminum for heat dissipation, so the purity of the material or not decided whether the line with an led lamp cooling do mark, if heat dissipation material processing is not good that will be the large effect on the lifespan of led lamp line, and it also will affect the quality itself of the led line lighting effect. The choose and buy a good radiator is one aspect we should pay attention to. Led lamp line, however, has been widely applied to various places, the scope involved is becoming more and more widely, from indoor to outdoor, from local to overall lighting, are all levels of growth and development; Now led lamp line has a lot in the rope, the next few years, led lamp line brands will become an indispensable part of the rope. Led lamp line on the volume small and light as the development direction, on the power is given priority to with high power led light source! So get a tip of the products is essential.

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