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LED fluorescent tube in the aluminum plate and what's the difference between the glass fiber board

by:Inlity     2020-05-07
Is described in the previous article, LED lamps and lanterns manufacturer in order to reduce the cost of LED fluorescent tube, the aluminum plate replacement for glass fiber board. The following LED lamps and lanterns manufacturer under the stars photoelectric is to introduce the difference between these two kinds of circuit board. LED fluorescent tube is an important part of: PCB, LED chip and drive power supply. Are commonly used in circuit board is divided into two kinds: the aluminum base plate and the glass fiber board. Glass fiber board on price is much cheaper than the aluminum substrate, which according to the different material and production process can be divided into: double copper foil glass fiber board, perforated copper foil bo qian board and single copper foil glass fiber board, etc. Different material and process made of glass fiber board price is not the same. Use glass fiber board on the LED fluorescent tube in the heat dissipation of LED fluorescent tube is inferior to the aluminum substrate. Aluminum substrate is the most common circuit board, it has good heat resistance, the price also is the cheapest in the thermal conductivity of metal. Aluminum plate is divided into three layers, the top is the PCB layer, used to decorate line. The middle section is the thermal conductivity and insulation layer, the bottom is aluminum base, is used to heat removal. Aluminum substrate, the good performance-to-price ratio, let it is quite popular in the LED fluorescent tube manufacturing. Aluminum plate is divided into class, a lot of LED lamps and lanterns manufacturer in order to save costs, the circuit board made of very thin layer of copper foil, thus sacrifice some conductive performance. Insulation and thermal conductive layer material also can save the cost, the best thermal conductive material is special polymer, ceramic, of course, is also the most expensive price. Usually at a low price of aluminum plate generally selected are thermal conductive materials such as epoxy resin and glass cloth. The aluminum base is the difference between copper and aluminum plate, made of copper aluminum plate heat dissipation effect is very good, but the cost will increase a lot. In order to keep the price, so the LED lamps and lanterns manufacturer usually choose aluminum plate to make the aluminum plate.
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